31 December 2012

29 December 2012

The only way is to work your way up.
Gain respect.

28 December 2012

27 December 2012

21 December 2012

Train on a ferry.
Experience no. 1: On it at 4 in the morning, I felt the sickest ever. Had biscuits with UHT milk, felt even sicker
Experience no. 2: A bit better, it was during the day. No sickness at all
Both were Hamburg to Copenhagen. What a nice way to travel.

19 December 2012

18 December 2012

Needs consistency
Needs repetition
No need of flair
Needs intuition
Needs to be tactile

16 December 2012

Well, Amsterdam was.. Fun.. Need to explain more?

15 December 2012

5.1 Spot

Amsterdam fitted him better because it was more pedestrian, unlike the dandy Paris. For he love the area around Haarlemmerdyk by its humble little shops and coffee shops. The 28inch Dutch bike, counter brake, wicker basket and the massiveness of it, who can even resist of having one. A shop on the corner was so inviting. Waterstone was the best companion while travelling, who said nothing but told you a thousand things. Nothing could ever substitute. 

He had eight more days before he had to leave a shameful city that he loved so much. Trying to figure out what he would say when the guy at the Rathaus asked him for his reason of leaving the H-town. He could not think of any reason. Amsterdam was a bit like Melbourne, except the red light district on Monday night in winter time, when the tourists were at their least number, the hippos were standing in boredom in their slightly lit aquariums. Life is tough. Look at what you have to do for a living. Anyway, there's a hidden boobs statue in front of the Oude Kerk that you will have to find if you ever go tho the Smokey Town.
Can you spot the Superman and Mary?
Sitting on the 5th level of the Openbare Bibliotheek, he was fascinated much by what was in his hands instead of the frozen canals in front of him. It was the pages of Kisho Kurakawa's photos of the Metabolist. If he would reborn, he would be an architect. But before, if he ever would live in Amsterdam, he would come to the multimedia level everyday to rip all those CDs! Hoping he could find Georges Milles Dans Voyage to the Moon.

13 December 2012

11 December 2012


A big part of interning is absorbing as much knowledge as you can. What a privilege I have at the moment, being able to share thoughts, observing the ‘how to’ of the industry and ask as many (appropriate) questions as I may.

A nice session of one of our talks was about the qualities of being an entrepreneur. 

Drive is always a big question for me. How do people get driven? What drives us? What makes us want to do things? Even more mysterious, drive can't be taught nor given, you can obtain it with your own and only your own will. So those of you who feel like you are passionate about something, be glad and use that, for not everyone I know possess one. 

I suppose everyone has their own time of contemplating, planning and waiting. But how do we keep ourselves on track? When there is no one out there to tell you what to do, then all you can do is do create your own workflow, work on your own pace and not having to wait for other people to give orders. This is a quality that I believe is a diamond of ours if we possess it. 

And this one, I truly saw it with my own eyes how a man can be so practical in the field. Sometimes I felt like what I have learned are not much of a use, rather, it's more of our bravery, logic and common sense that play a big role when we are handling real projects. Well, truth is, these things are not taught anywhere. Just have to know it by doing it. The earlier the better!

4.8 Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris

09 December 2012

4.7 Study of Perspective

Study of Perspective

08 December 2012

4.6 Louvre

Felt like he was in Da Vinci Code

07 December 2012

4.5 Street Smart

The last time he used his two legs that much was perhaps when he was still in the marching band. Today he walked for ages as if there's no tomorrow. The pleasure of walking in a city in the early morning, observing how locals are starting their day, defeated the winter chill.

06 December 2012

4.4 On The Verge

He was a bit against technology, it was almost like a love-hate relationship. But for now he hated it more. He hated it because it made him unable to talk to the person sitting in front of him, so captivated by the virtual world as tiny as a phone screen on his hand. It distanced people from sanity. It took time, it locked people's world out. But then he loved it so much because he was taking and giving so much from it. Too much could be learned, so many could be shared. The notion of sharing was what he adored so much. To him, possession meant nothing. It was just a burden that you have to carry everywhere you go. It would become a problem, especially if you were a traveler. He adored travelers for they were so passionate, so mobile, so free.

05 December 2012

4.3 Paris Paradox

As much as he hated the subway, it gave him time to think. It was such an eerie combination of the noise from the wheel scratching the steel rail to the quietness of the people inside the subway. Who would have thought that a kid could be so unhappy.
Maybe the lonely-looking person in front of you was the happiest person in the world. People were covering themselves with cling wrap. Transparent enough that you could see the surface, but you would not have an idea what is rotting inside.

Paris was an interesting city. It was full of superficiality, but it was so much alive. Perhaps that was what we have been living in? Superficiality? That was why Paris was such a winning city, promising so many things which seemed vague like a cling wrap ready to suck in the air around you until you could not feel anything. You would not even realize that something was wrapping you, containing you subtly. The more you breathe in, the more you lose your breath.

Paris was so paradoxical to him, he would not be able to stay there any longer except if he stayed inside Kadinsky Bibiotheque.

04 December 2012

4.2 Bonjour

Why are you so cold

Our first morning in Paris, we walked around with directions as randomly we were getting lost. You really can get lost in Paris, being so in between rich and poor, so trendy yet so classy, so much yet with nothing.

03 December 2012

Damn, working is fun!

29 November 2012

Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia 2012

This year's Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia was held from 21-25 November 2012 at Epicentrum Walk Kuningan. My booth was under Indonesia Kreatif and was located at tent 11 along with other young designers: Bierrko, Gladys Angelina, Ivana Stacia, Sun Wahyu just to name some who were neighboring with me. One of the most exciting part of the exhibition was the talks and seminars, which invited some of Indonesia's leaders in the creative industry, such as the owner of Kreavi, Valadoo, Marketing magazine, Pak Jokowi, Bu Mari and so many others. The whole event was open to the public - free of charge - which allowed the public to access information and share ideas with those who were exhibiting and giving presentation.
Indonesia's creative scheme is somewhat different from it is overseas. Here, it is very chaotic, challenging, yet very open for changes. It is very interesting to see how people react to what I exhibited for it was very rare to get insight from the public and gain targeted opinion from them. But anyway it was so much fun!

20 November 2012

Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia

Booth Plan
Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia

I'll be taking part in Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia, showcasing my work and other Indonesia's great talents in the creative industry.

Come to my booth!
Booth 1 Indonesia Kreatif
21-25 November 2012
(I'll be there most of the time)

And also my talk:
Bincang Showcase Indonesia Kreatif
Saturday, 24 November 2012
Galeri Botol, Epiwalk Kuningan

See you there!

09 November 2012

4.1 Paris Magic Souvenir

Sometimes he believed that magic happens. That things will happen as the time allows. It is amazing what life has to offer.
You strive you thrive. 
He welcomed himself to the magic of Paris, where the rich and the poor were seen side by side. What could happen in Paris? Only him could experience his experience. And you were left to hang with your own experience.

Stay on your path
Tackle your hours
Get rid of distractions
Collect more dots
Don't be picky

06 November 2012

You own a workshop in Zürich
Far, but possible

31 October 2012


E-commerce, re-imagined.

3.5 Zürichsee

3.4 Proper and Well-Done

And the sign was right. Stepping his foot for the first time in Switzerland, all he wanted was something to fill his stomach. A bratwurst vendor was seen in the middle of the Hbf. The guy selling bratwurst greeted him in three different hellos: Deutsch, French and English. He ordered in Deutsch just to test himself. The price was not that affordable even for a good bratwurst, but it was served with a good multigrain brötchen and senf so he could not complaint for more. People here just did not understand how to things badly, everything was so proper and well-done. If he ever wanted to settle down, here is the place to be.

Having had an original cheese fondue, although not originated from Zürich, nothing could beta the delight of dipping a Swiss bread into a hot cheese at Friburg Fondue Stübli. The after taste was probably the most pleasurable after all the meal he ever had.

28 October 2012


People are trying so hard to please those who we don't even like.
Spending money to impress people that we want to flaunt to,
people who don't even care about us.
Why are we letting the society to define us?
Why do we want to satisfy those who are not even close to us?
Since when did this become our hunger? 

27 October 2012

Tiga Enam
By Projek Arka

26 October 2012

3.3 Freitag

 Diese ist Freitag