11 December 2012


A big part of interning is absorbing as much knowledge as you can. What a privilege I have at the moment, being able to share thoughts, observing the ‘how to’ of the industry and ask as many (appropriate) questions as I may.

A nice session of one of our talks was about the qualities of being an entrepreneur. 

Drive is always a big question for me. How do people get driven? What drives us? What makes us want to do things? Even more mysterious, drive can't be taught nor given, you can obtain it with your own and only your own will. So those of you who feel like you are passionate about something, be glad and use that, for not everyone I know possess one. 

I suppose everyone has their own time of contemplating, planning and waiting. But how do we keep ourselves on track? When there is no one out there to tell you what to do, then all you can do is do create your own workflow, work on your own pace and not having to wait for other people to give orders. This is a quality that I believe is a diamond of ours if we possess it. 

And this one, I truly saw it with my own eyes how a man can be so practical in the field. Sometimes I felt like what I have learned are not much of a use, rather, it's more of our bravery, logic and common sense that play a big role when we are handling real projects. Well, truth is, these things are not taught anywhere. Just have to know it by doing it. The earlier the better!
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