24 December 2011

23 December 2011



Mini ceramic vase

22 December 2011


Everyone pretty much left the town by now. Going back home to their own Disneyland. Shame shame, it's kind of quiet. But quiet is good sometimes. 

21 December 2011


At times like this I wish that I've worked just a bit harder. Especially at times when you've been on a half year holiday and you're just a step away from coming back to your must-lived life.
I am trying to catch my dream, which looks like it is just around the corner but seems so far away. Good or not good enough, we will see soon.

The thing is if I you never tried, you would not ever know.

And also things won't happen overnight. So if you were just thinking to do what you want to do three seconds ago, you might get to do it in the next year or so. Saying that to myself.

19 December 2011


What have you been doing?



Do I?


Did you know that it's snowing already?

But it's just the one that's going to melt while making its way to the earth.

It melts.

On its way down.


Precipitation, I studied about in high school.

It has its season, when it will rain hard and eventually will become flood.

If the timing is not right.

And it happens in the wrong premises.


I can talk and talk about it for ages.

But I guess I'll leave it for now.

18 December 2011

Next week

If I'm in Indo, I would be at home right now. We will have a Christmas party with friends, a thing that we've been doing since junior high school, which waaas six or seven years ago. We've known each other for some time now after I thought about it. 
 Last year the party was at my house and the moms came too. It's very rare to have people in Jakarta at the same time, since everyone seems to be everywhere. I wish I am home at this time of the year. I kind of miss everyone. And people in Melbourne too, of course. Much and many.

16 December 2011

Silberschmied Weihnachtsfeier

Photos by Sally Coldham
The nicest Christmas party I must say! Every department in the design school is having their own Christmas party this week just before holiday starts. This one is the metal and product design department. It is dirty, it is dark, it is warm, the silversmith workshop is the best place to do a party.
Everyone was there with good food, good cheese, good drinks, good dessert, good Christmas sweets. The nice thing about HAWK is it is such a small university that everyone knows each other. Everyone at the party was pretty much everyone you see at Uni. It's a one tiny family!
This is where people would usually burn metal. But it was wurst, grilling last night.
And of course Glühwein. What is Christmas in Germany without hot wine.
Oh and it just snowed when I was writing this!

14 December 2011


Bauernmarkt, jeden Mittwoch und Samstag am Marktplatz.

12 December 2011

\ Take a deep breath /

See / Think / Talk

See with your heart. Think with your head. Talk with your eyes. Everything that is rushed, won't work. Logical decisions are crucial, hence regrets are avoidable. Make feasible plans, don't hurry. Talk to others while you are planning. Tell relevant beings once you are set. Don't get high too fast, you will go down fast too. If it is meant to be, you'll cross somehow, someday. So once again don't limit yourself, don't hold back. Keep yourself mobile. Look from different angles, then you will know you have different views. You will find people who make you feel like who you are. You will keep them close to your heart.

08 December 2011


It is December now. The sun is not as bright as it used to be. Days are short. Wind is strong. I have been horsing around. Not sure yet what will I get by the end. But the hell I enjoy my times here. I am taking my time. Doing things slower. Talking to people. Basically doing things that I would not ever done if I don't have a semester of holiday.

Some things you gain, some things you lose, I guess.

But I like what I'm gaining so far. But duh! Time is ticking. I better use my time wisely. Nothing is in my head now so nothing holds myself back really.

07 December 2011


Hamburg's Fischmarkt, my favorite Sunday morning spot. Well you can't do anything much on a Sunday morning in Germany anyway. We had a good fisch brötchen. We got apples. We bought tons of fish. We cooked them afterwards.

30 November 2011


On our way from Darmstadt to Stuttgart we decided to stop by in Heidelberg. One of the prettiest cities in Germany I must say. We got there just after the dawn, the sky was colored rose pink with just an appropriate amount of mist. The air is cool and the breeze flows through our hair.

We took the rail up to the castle, looking at the city from a better view. The Neckar river flows through the city, separating the university from the other part of the city.

Traveling is like dreaming,
you see things you've
never imagined before. 

The thing that I like about traveling is I am finding characteristics of each cities that I went to. I wish I could spend more time and live a life here and in other cities too. There is simply too many things to be learned and experienced by living somewhere new. Somewhere, where you don't speak the language.
Pretty. I can live here.

26 November 2011

You should see my favorite people
You catch a glimpse of gold through their skins
I walk on air whenever I'm with them
They're where the happiness begins

They're a boat when I'm on water
They tame the sharks that come on the way
When I choke they pat my back harder
My loads, my life, my secrets are safe

And I'm alright on my own
But with them I'm much better
They're like diamonds
Diamonds are forever
-- Boy

You are one. Take care.

24 November 2011

Excursion IV

Berlin. Hyped much?