29 April 2012

Liking Me

Would you mind liking my photo?



27 April 2012


One day we were in Zürich, facing the coldness of -21C.

25 April 2012

Metal Raum

Diese ist die beste Raum in HAWK! Der Raum für Metal gemacht. Kuhl, eh? Mein Deutsch ist scheiße, aber ich möchte Deutsch sprechen, also ich habe kein problem wenn Mann sagt dein Deutch is kaputt! Ich habe keine ahnung was hast ich gesagt...
Ja ja ja. Ich habe viele schön Metal gemacht und viele schön Zeit hier mit diese kuhl freunden! Sehr gut Zeit das war. Ich wünsche jezt Ich bin in Deutschland. Gerne!

22 April 2012

Stockholm Evening

One evening a couple of months ago, just sometime after the new year began. We were in Stockholm, trying to enjoy the coldness of early winter. The queue was amazingly long to get in to Moderna Museet to see Twombly, Turner, and Monet. The water lilies were impressive and the points were detailed. I loved the architecture part too. Apart from that we were simply enjoying Stockholm and exploring the city. The old part of the city was pretty and their touristic stuff are simply non-touristic. Did I mention the packaging they do for everything there? Pretty dang amazing.

18 April 2012

Muzeum Montanelli

Muzeum Montanelli, Prague, Czech Republic.

11 April 2012


Skansen, Stockholm. The cutest place on earth. Coming here in the morning felt like coming to a-recently-awaken town. People were started to get busy, doing woodworking, baking bread, working on the land, feeding the herds. Chit chats happened here and there as the inhabitants visited each others inside their warm house. Folks were sang proudly to start the day. And of course, everyone was an actor.

09 April 2012


French onion soup

Frankfurter Schnitzel


Photos by Aditya Pradana. And so the journey around Europe started with good food, like an athlete preparing for his competition the next day. Except, we did not burn that much calories. The best German food I have ever had for the whole time I was there. If you are somewhere around Frankfurt, you definitely have to go to this place in Sachsenhauser, named Atschel. Definitely the best.

06 April 2012

Det Kongelige Bibliotek

Det Kongelige Bibliotek

Has got to be my favorite library of all time. It is designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, just behind Libeskind's Jewish Museum. I especially loved the way it was built, complimentary to the old library building. The nice thing about libraries was they were so captivating, so calming, so quiet, yet very supportive. I could hardly find myself walking away from such a tranquil place, which provided a safe corner for people to work and to do their things. Closer to the evening, the sun was shining warmly, allowing itself to interrupt those inside the library subtly without being too intrusive.

It was so much different, being in Copenhagen, where people seemed to be on a different level, not because they were academics, but because they simply possessed a higher level of happiness. Oh man, I would not mind just working for Joe & The Juice to live here.

05 April 2012


Prague, Czech Republic