30 November 2011


On our way from Darmstadt to Stuttgart we decided to stop by in Heidelberg. One of the prettiest cities in Germany I must say. We got there just after the dawn, the sky was colored rose pink with just an appropriate amount of mist. The air is cool and the breeze flows through our hair.

We took the rail up to the castle, looking at the city from a better view. The Neckar river flows through the city, separating the university from the other part of the city.

Traveling is like dreaming,
you see things you've
never imagined before. 

The thing that I like about traveling is I am finding characteristics of each cities that I went to. I wish I could spend more time and live a life here and in other cities too. There is simply too many things to be learned and experienced by living somewhere new. Somewhere, where you don't speak the language.
Pretty. I can live here.

26 November 2011

You should see my favorite people
You catch a glimpse of gold through their skins
I walk on air whenever I'm with them
They're where the happiness begins

They're a boat when I'm on water
They tame the sharks that come on the way
When I choke they pat my back harder
My loads, my life, my secrets are safe

And I'm alright on my own
But with them I'm much better
They're like diamonds
Diamonds are forever
-- Boy

You are one. Take care.

24 November 2011

Excursion IV

Berlin. Hyped much?

21 November 2011

18 November 2011

Electro Nacht

A cool mixtape from a friend of mine L. Könndeplus, a fellow Erasmus. Download the mixtape here. Nice collaboration between the Nordstadt kiddos |\|  

Excursion III


16 November 2011

One / Million

There is a reason, behind.

15 November 2011


We spent our special Sunday, when the shops are open (they usually are not), in Düsseldorf. A big city, somehow feels very structured and rigid. If you are here, you should go to the Kunst im Tunnel, a contemporary underground gallery. It is nice to see people are out enjoying the sun, lying on the grass along the Rhine.

12 November 2011


I went for Alice im Wunderland's ballet last night in Hannover. Somehow it reminds me of my love of shows, for having not seen it in some time. Not just the show, I love looking at the artsy people. I wish I can see shows every weekend. Who needs TV.

I do need constant reminder of why I create, why I am making things, and why I am doing what I love doing.
Especially Alice, I love how the story can be so literal and straightforward just like a kid would be but then it can also be interpreted in so many ways. It is good to see how this ballet is so different from Tim Burton's Alice, which feels a bit dark. Oh I love the costume and I love how they play with basic effects like shadow and projection to create visual illusion.

And the music, the pleasant of listening to carefully crafted harmonics that make you forget that you are in a live show. I kind of miss my marching band days, although it was a bit rugged back then, but it is simply because it is a totally different kind of production. Yet all of them have the same essence, I think.

Hm, must be fun to be involved in a production. I did some before, good ones, crappy ones, but they all feel satisfying in their own way. I like the notion of how people put so much work into something and they gain the joy after. Maybe that is what I like doing?

10 November 2011

Make friends
Surround yourself with good peeps
Define your own measurement
Start talking
Stop mumbling
Stand tall
Take your time
Do your thing
Have pauses
Run fast until you lose your breath
If you are running out of breath,
Push yourself a bit harder

07 November 2011


Gambar ini diambil di dari mobil di saat melaju di depan Perpustakaan Nasional. Maju sedikit lagi sudah sampai di kampus kedokteran UI. Waktu itu siang hari, menuju ke BonBin di Cikini.

Tanah Abang
Sehabis dari Grand Indonesia pasti kena 3 in 1, mengakibatkan ramainya jalur alternatif. Ini sekitar pukul 6 sore, pengendara motor beribu-ribu.

Kelapa Gading
Makan malam sate afrika karena seorang teman ngidam makan domba. Daging domba dan pisang goreng. Makan malam dilanjutkan dengan nasi goreng buntel.