29 November 2012

Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia 2012

This year's Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia was held from 21-25 November 2012 at Epicentrum Walk Kuningan. My booth was under Indonesia Kreatif and was located at tent 11 along with other young designers: Bierrko, Gladys Angelina, Ivana Stacia, Sun Wahyu just to name some who were neighboring with me. One of the most exciting part of the exhibition was the talks and seminars, which invited some of Indonesia's leaders in the creative industry, such as the owner of Kreavi, Valadoo, Marketing magazine, Pak Jokowi, Bu Mari and so many others. The whole event was open to the public - free of charge - which allowed the public to access information and share ideas with those who were exhibiting and giving presentation.
Indonesia's creative scheme is somewhat different from it is overseas. Here, it is very chaotic, challenging, yet very open for changes. It is very interesting to see how people react to what I exhibited for it was very rare to get insight from the public and gain targeted opinion from them. But anyway it was so much fun!
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