26 January 2012

Sausage Nation

I'm running away from the sausage nation for a while. Have been saying goodbyes in the last two days. So I guess I'll see you in 26 days? Bis dann!

25 January 2012


24 January 2012

Copper bowl with enamel coating

23 January 2012

17 January 2012

Cast It Into Gold!

I was just talking to my cousin in Turin via message. We were talking about my traveling plan later in the next month and suddenly we got into this conversation about school and job. He is working now for a consultancy that works together with Fiat and he was saying how busy it is right now because they are working on a big project. Even on most weekend he has to go to work.
And you know what, he is saying that in a spirited tone!

Makes me think. Do I want what I want badly enough? Am I casting them into gold? 

Okay. I better go and work at uni.

16 January 2012

13 January 2012


Rings / pendants
Brass / bronze


Swinburne / PJ / Workshop

I'm not sure if I miss Swinburne, but I miss the workshop! However to be honest, the workshop here at HAWK is a thousand times greater. I could run from one workshop to another to get tools, get things done here and there, the technology is pretty cool, manual work is highly possible. There is a place for me to do things. Professors are damn nice too! You can actually sit down with them and talk about your projects and they will spend time with you to teach you things in detail. I will miss the privileges for sure.

Oh and happy birthday Jo! I'll see you soon!

09 January 2012

Summer in Norwegen

Rio Mangunwijaya
Hamburg, 26th December 2011