26 June 2011

The Great Ocean

Hello again, outdoor!

24 June 2011

George & Gary

Good Food and Wine Show 2011. The best loved part: free tasting.

21 June 2011


A standard point of view of Melbourne from the eyes of a tourist.

20 June 2011

Kaki Seribu

Kaki Seribu
Owned by Stephanie Yeow

19 June 2011

Pretty Panic Picnic

Halo anak-anak Sanur :) A little Melburnian reunion under the sun. I almost forgot how mad we were. So a pretty picnic could remind me I gues, on how I enjoyed high school and how I am wishing that we could rerun those days again. But nah, these friends can bring me good times now, why bother.

17 June 2011

Pukul Rata Lima Dolar

If it's translated, it should say: everything's five dollars! We were at the Retro Star Vintage (massive) sale, somewhere in Brunswick, in the early morning. Goodness, there were people digging a huge pile of shoes, everyone was just grabbing things. And yes it was wonderful.
We are happy kids. We continued the day munching down Borek at Queen Victoria Market. Grabbed a latte from Baba Budan, and finished it up at NGV's birthday celebration while wandering around and looking at civilised furniture pieces. Exactly how life should be.

15 June 2011

Being Surreal

Everyone wants A Light!

12 June 2011

10 June 2011

A Light

A neat triangular-shaped light.

06 June 2011


This probably is the best fish and chips shop. A bit of walk from my workshop at uni, on the slight corner of Chapel Street x High Street. Their salad, the best! With grilled corn on the side and sweet potato thins on top. And the chips are truly honest chips, not those frozen ones, sorry. Of course, nothing beats the student price deal.

04 June 2011

Leather Leaders

A leather card holder