28 September 2010

Wild Things

Bought myself a terrarium, just a thought, to keep the dreams big :) Let's see if I can take care of jar of moss hahaha.

25 September 2010

A Royal Thing

Cows look like pig, chickens look like monkey, turkeys look like human. After all we are loving the statue-like silly-looking alpacas. We can stare at each other for hours, at the end, alpaca 1 human being 0. It's the euphoria of going to the Royal Melbourne Show for the first timeee! :) Isn't that sweet!She's trying her luck haha. We didn't really plan to go but we found that the weather's so nice that day so we just randomly went there. And it turned out that we were falling in love with the flocks. Somehow it does feel like Jakarta Fair hahaha and we are in love with those showbags as well! Don't blame them, they got bored as well.Pretty herds as you can see. I've never seen a chicken that pretty nor a sheep that handsome, uu! Friends and I managed to cuddle the sheep (the little one of course) hehe but they're just so adorable! Hm I wonder if I can take one home with me. 'Ibu pejabat' style chicken.Anyway. We had such a great day at the showground, smelling the spring air! I feel bad eating chicken afterward, hm. It's such a nice break though :)

20 September 2010

Going Back

At times when the weariness comes rushing, often you go slow and taking things hard, and just eat in a much calmer pace on top of your cheap laminated dining table. You stare at the empty paper utterly thinking how you can get your lines straight, how can you get your circles perfect. Passion means patience, every single thing takes time. But then you see people are running, they know what they are doing, brave beings that you adore. Those are my friends, I believe, and they are there to run with you.

19 September 2010


Sama seperti musim kawin, kelulusan di sini juga ada musimnya. Sekarang sepertinya sedang musim lulus-lulusan. Tidak tau juga karena saya belum akan lulus dalam waktu dekat. Saya tidak menaruh perhatian besar pada perihal kelulusan.Agak aneh sekarang saya banyak berkutat di bidang tulis-menulis padahal saya kuliah apa dan setiap hari hidup saya berputar di workshop untuk mengamplas foam yang usut punya usut ternyata beracun. Mungkin efeknya tidak terasa sekarang tapi siapa tau tiga puluh tahun mendatang. Siapa tau ya apa yang akan terjadi, kemarin saja saya tidak menyangka hari ini akan terjadi apa yang akan terjadi besok. Kadang-kadang apa yang diomong tidak sesuai dengan apa yang di pikiran, tidak sesuai dengan kata hati. Well.

16 September 2010


I kind of enjoyed the fact that we have to deal with machines in buying things. Just found it very convenient actually. Ah finally getting a pause from the gaga uni life! Hehe. I'll be having some day-offs so have a nice weekend folks!

15 September 2010

The Meet Up

Was meeting up with my best friend in SG. We had Marche for dinner yum! (quite pricey for us though hahaha).

12 September 2010


Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra - Cutting Ice To Snow (live) from Leaf Label on Vimeo.

Efterklang - Caravan from Leaf Label on Vimeo.

Efterklang - Polygyne from Leaf Label on Vimeo.

Been listening to Efterklang in the past few months. You should have a go as well. I can't stop, this Danish band is kind of addictive to me. Their music is almost howling I must say, but it is so captivating that it makes you won't close your ears.

What About Now

Now I live close to the Botanical Garden. Will take you about one 45 minutes to go around the outer ring of the garden. Love it here, the fresh air, greenery, running beings, everything! Anyway. I'm going to volunteer for some things like Fringe and Melbourne Festival. Should be fun ya? Yet I don't know how to cope with my workloads haha.

10 September 2010

Slurpy Ramen

Did you know that slurping your soup means that your liking it? Hm I can live here then.
Kazuki Ramen
Honma Bldg. 1 & 2F

1-10-8 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0021


Mix media

05 September 2010


It's Spring Fashion Week here in Melbourne. Went to watch a show with a friend's collection in it! These are RMIT students' works. Wew so keren my friend is!