31 October 2012

3.4 Proper and Well-Done

And the sign was right. Stepping his foot for the first time in Switzerland, all he wanted was something to fill his stomach. A bratwurst vendor was seen in the middle of the Hbf. The guy selling bratwurst greeted him in three different hellos: Deutsch, French and English. He ordered in Deutsch just to test himself. The price was not that affordable even for a good bratwurst, but it was served with a good multigrain brötchen and senf so he could not complaint for more. People here just did not understand how to things badly, everything was so proper and well-done. If he ever wanted to settle down, here is the place to be.

Having had an original cheese fondue, although not originated from Zürich, nothing could beta the delight of dipping a Swiss bread into a hot cheese at Friburg Fondue Stübli. The after taste was probably the most pleasurable after all the meal he ever had.

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