21 November 2010


I found the videos when I was taking part in Melbourne Festival's Pop-Up Squad. It's a flash mob thing basically hahaha. If you pay attention you might be able to notice me in the finale video at the beginning, and a bit in the drum squad video (the black-haired one, of course hehe). Watch the one with crates as well, such a pretty dance! You know these people, they really enjoy life. Hope you're enjoying yours as well. Have a nice Sunday people! :)

18 November 2010


Up to the mountain we went. It's amazing how an hour and a half trip could bring fresh air and such nice scenery. We had brunch at Miss Marple's.

16 November 2010

Brief Reconstruction

A bit of vintage reconstruction. Mind you, I got the bag for only AUD 5 (I know I can get better price in Indo but oh I love it here!) and it fits my laptop sweetly, yay!

14 November 2010


My brother was here last week so we tried out new places. We loooove this baker, Dench Bakers in Fitzroy North. Worth the journey. We had this pretty french toast and an oxtail dish. Both are really good. And for the fact they are baking their own breads, they can flaunt that.

12 November 2010

Another End

Akhirnyaaa beberapa menit lalu bisa selesai semua tugas gue! Kalo ngomongin sleepless nights, semua anak uni juga sama lah yaa. Tapi gue happy liburan telah tiba dan bisa fly back ke Indo, horrah! Dan waktunya juga buat ngerjain projek pribadi, asiiiik. Ini salah satu tugas gue buat Industrial Design Studio - Ergonomic Interaction, namanya Wil, dia music player gitu, designed for the elders. Okay I need to dash now to submit my work, have a look yaa! :)

10 November 2010

Perihal Esok

Is a collaborative work between Poppie Airil and Nadia Pramudita. Basically it is the way we say hello, inform one another about things happening around us, things that amuse us, or just something uncommon. Shouldn't be too formal really. Go on, click and have a look.

01 November 2010


These are the pictures from my brother's camera when he was visiting here a couple of months ago. Just found these when I dug through his camera hehe.
We had lunch at Cumulus Inc., a place that really is getting its popularity nowadays I guess. I have to admit the food is good here.
Smoked eel, Japanese turnip, and fresh horseradish. Foie gras parfait with toasted brioche.Whole slow roast lamb to share.And that roast lamb, to die for! Will definitely come back for that.