30 August 2010

Hence She Cleans

Bersih Pangkal Kaya
Ink on paper

You know what I wish for sometimes?

Harajuku Isn't Like Harajuku _ One

Yes it isn't, it wasn't as what I expected to be honest. I thought I would see Sailormoon strolling on the street, frilly beings, those who do characters, bright colors. But no. It turned out to be way better. The alleys are better, I must say. The more I went in the better it got. Emerging designers are visible with their own way of presenting their thoughts, such a breath of fresh air. I don't expect Harajuku to be this good.

Harajuku Isn't Like Harajuku _ Two

Batch no. 2, there you go. Eating harajuku crepes in Harajuku. There was a huge sale at a place called Laforet, people there are crazy for soldes(See! They are so into French thingamajig yaa!). I got really squashed there with people trying to grab everything from Topshop to those can't-be-said local brands.

29 August 2010

Mad Hatter

Initially this was a milk bottle, filled with delicious creamy fresh milk. But then it got transformed into this crazy, mad, kitsch hat, made for Product Design Studio class. Poor you. I'm going to throw you away because you are poisoned with metallic spray paint, can't leave you hanging around too long.


It was a super hot summer day and we were out there marching to Sensoji Temple, it's the oldest temple in Tokyo I believe. We went there on Sunday I think so it was quite packed with people. What a relieve that there are so many stalls selling food haha. I like the dango, I enjoyed the bento box, but I just merely love the soft ice cream, nothing else is better.I did take one of those paper just to foresee what I need to prepare for the future haha. There there, happy day everyone! :)

28 August 2010

The Measured Movements

There are just times when I feel so driven, I got nauseous if I can't put my thoughts across. Haha. Yet there are times that I feel like doing nothing, and I love those moments as well if it comes at the right conditions.
The Measured Movements
Collated mix media

Public Market

Hey there Mr. Anpanman! This is Nakamise Market, which leads our way to Sensoji Temple. Does feel like a market, more of a local market, but hell lots of tourist. Haha. Grilled senbei, fried manju, ice cream sandwich, wew can't help ourselves not to try everything.One thing I adore from Japanese is their willingness to keep authenticity in their way of living. You know, doing thing as simple as making soft cakes by hand and not machine, they surely got an appreciation for tradition. And it is visible to me every time I look around the corner. And I am soooo eating this taiyaki. I dreamed about taiyaki since I don't know when hahaha. See those fluffy hot taiyaki? Yaa those are yumminess (this is my own invented vocabulary), best thing!