26 April 2014

On The Way To Weekend

Working this weekend. How about you?

21 April 2014

En Route

"Success is determined by what you chose to do
and what you chose not to do."
- Unknown 

The sentence will never be relevant until you experience it yourself. Sometimes, when people got a chance to stop and look back, they realised the times that they have wasted in doing things for the wrong people, for the wrong job and for the wrong circumstances.

At times, situations forced you to choose between things that you preferred not to choose from. When you just wanted to work but you had to see from another point of view not to hurt anyone en route.
Be as fluid as water. Keep on flowing regardless the icy-coldness around you. 

Working required a lot of sensitivity, just because there were so many different accounts related. You could choose to be as cold as ice or spread the warmth to others, but just so you know, you could not define what other people are. They could be as cold as they wanted or as warm as they possibly could but it is beyond your business. Focus on what you do and why you do it, work hard on it.