28 February 2012

Hildesheim - Amsterdam v. Autobahn

It was our first time in Amsterdam and we got a bit excited about that. A weekend is enough, but a lifetime is not bad at all. Be mindful, for some come here and never go out. You can pretty much do anything in Amsterdam, like really everything, if know the right help to do so. 
I love the city when I am awake and I am asleep. The flat green grass, a couple of pigs, and haystacks on our way really looked like how they were depicted in the soft-stroke style of Dutch paintings. Lovely.

20 February 2012


Lower again.

Once more!

19 February 2012

A Distant Place From Home

Having been away from home too long - for wherever home is - it is the time to report back from a half-year study in Germany, a couple of short trips, and a concise one month of Europe travel. Too much has been experienced, too much to be shared. Many of those are still kept in the dark place called film rolls, ready to be developed and hatched to the paradoxical land, the world that is. I don't know why I am so narrative lately, perhaps of the many books I consumed during the free times of getting from A to B.

Anyway. You will get what I mean in a short while.