30 November 2013


"Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong." 
Leo Buscaglia

A deep swirling water makes her stomach turns
So badly that it hurts
Hurts so bad that it makes her think
Think twice until it hurts
It hurts to think twice

But no brain is for the non-hearted
No heart is for the cruel
The cruel, she doesn't want to bother with
Because cruelty is for the weak


Against the current is not the way
Even the strong sometimes needs to comply
Not to lose herself, not to lose the battle
Be gentle, that's the key
Because gentleness is for the strong

18 November 2013


Access has become more important these days than ever before.

I once heard a guest on Desi Anwar's Face to Face program on MetroTV said that creative young people should be given capital, to empower them to create, act and realize their passion. To a certain degree, I agree with that argument. However, through a little journey that I've been in since I went back to Jakarta, I would have to say that access has become a far more important aspect in determining one's growth.
But why is that? How come access suddenly becomes a crucial factor in someone's journey? It didn't come out all of a sudden. It's just never been told widely before. In fact, not so many people would have had the privilege to be given access and facilities for them to grow in their early stage of adulthood. Imagine if you're given access to good soil, added with fertilizer and a decent amount of sunlight, you should be able to grow superiorly compared to your plant friends who should grow with all they have merely. You are in a situated environment like in an incubation jar.
And when you grow faster and you are better stimulated, you will somehow influence and give impact to your surroundings. You'll be able to duplicate yourself, you'll be able to support the living of others and you'll give them access from your maturity.
You? You don't need access anymore. You're now fruitful.
And when your season is gone. Then it's time to for you to be the source of living for others, by sharing and opening opportunities for others. 
Now I wonder, how far can we go when we have been given all the access we needed?