15 December 2012

5.1 Spot

Amsterdam fitted him better because it was more pedestrian, unlike the dandy Paris. For he love the area around Haarlemmerdyk by its humble little shops and coffee shops. The 28inch Dutch bike, counter brake, wicker basket and the massiveness of it, who can even resist of having one. A shop on the corner was so inviting. Waterstone was the best companion while travelling, who said nothing but told you a thousand things. Nothing could ever substitute. 

He had eight more days before he had to leave a shameful city that he loved so much. Trying to figure out what he would say when the guy at the Rathaus asked him for his reason of leaving the H-town. He could not think of any reason. Amsterdam was a bit like Melbourne, except the red light district on Monday night in winter time, when the tourists were at their least number, the hippos were standing in boredom in their slightly lit aquariums. Life is tough. Look at what you have to do for a living. Anyway, there's a hidden boobs statue in front of the Oude Kerk that you will have to find if you ever go tho the Smokey Town.
Can you spot the Superman and Mary?
Sitting on the 5th level of the Openbare Bibliotheek, he was fascinated much by what was in his hands instead of the frozen canals in front of him. It was the pages of Kisho Kurakawa's photos of the Metabolist. If he would reborn, he would be an architect. But before, if he ever would live in Amsterdam, he would come to the multimedia level everyday to rip all those CDs! Hoping he could find Georges Milles Dans Voyage to the Moon.
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