31 January 2013

28 January 2013

25 January 2013

24 January 2013



Granik is a knock-down shoe rack with simplified components. Granik applies tapered leg system for easy assembly. The hole size on the granite board defines its position relative to the leg diameter at a certain height.

23 January 2013


22 January 2013

21 January 2013

New Norfolk

We passed New Norfolk on our way to Mount Fields. There was... Mm.. Coffee shops there. Better than nothing, ey?

18 January 2013

We're pretty much... Drowned...

17 January 2013

14 January 2013

Zwei Ei Männer

"Soo... Rumor said you're going back?"
"Who said?"
"Oh... I don't know him very well though. He might be right or wrong, for he is a witty man."
"Ach so... But have you the intention?"
"Na ja... If I have a reason to... My friend once told me, you should go to where happiness is, so if I find him, then I'll be glad coming back... For the grand reason in settling down or travelling far is... is... I don't know..."
"That's a hard one, I know... But anyway, it must have been fun just to follow your soul."
"Aha. Not bad, I guess. As long as your conscience is conscious, then you're good. But if you've started thinking about making fresh juices for people, then perhaps a part of your Kopf needs fixing."
"Maybe not, for that's what have been making the machine works."
"The machine works... I hate the sound of that."
"Come on! It's 182 more days!"

Stasiun Purwokerto

Welcome to Stasiun Purwokerto, one of the cleanest stations in Indo, I suppose. Stop here for keripik tempe, es duren, soto kriyik Bu Karsini, tempe mendoan and other goodness. 

11 January 2013


Omg it's Friday, Friday. What a good mood this time is! Have a groovy weekend people!

09 January 2013

The Value of Loneliness

When you are on your own, you do stuff better. You concentrate more. You think more about what you want. You are more focused. However, how good that is not, doing things in your isolation with no one to share your passion with. 
(The Mermaid is a statue of art in Copenhagen's waterside, created by Hans Christian Andersen. For some time it was relocated to Shanghai and was replaced by Ai Wei Wei's depiction of it.)
When we are separated, the more we value each other. The more we need each other. We understand the other even more.

When I am by myself, my mind goes everywhere, to the every end of my past, present and future. It ventures every possibilities and has no single idea where it's going to lead to. 

08 January 2013

Who wants to shop?

07 January 2013

6.3 Torvehallerne

The Danes would stay out even in the slightest hint of the sun, for the moment was such a rarity to them. Outside Torvehallerne KBH on Frederiksborggades, people were sitting on the bench. He was enjoying his latte from the Coffee Collective - although not as strong as Melbourne's coffee - and a pastry from Laura's. Kids were seen playing and yelling out lout at the front of Israely Plads. That day was Friday, families were shopping together. A little daughter was munching basil leaves from a pot that her dad just bought. They were going to cook a warm dinner tonight. Friends were chatting lively, sharing cakes and stories. And he himself? Was all alone sketching what he saw with his two eyes, documenting what was precious to the heart. 

03 January 2013

6.2 Inner Outer Space

Truth is, there is nothing better than being together
But with good intent with good result
My eyes have seen separations
No strangeness, no strangers
There has never been such good times than times of comfort
Simply love the song too much, had to post it again.