27 January 2011


Bondi/Sydney x St. Kilda/Melbourne

A walk to the beach shouldn't hurt. Mind you, I'm not too fond of beaches.

24 January 2011

Weekend Markets

Nice break that I had in Sydney. Plenty of markets too I reckon. I went market-hopping on the weekend. a/ Eveleigh Market
Probably the best farmer's market I've been to. Such a nice way to spend your Saturday morning buying fresh produces, not to forget pretty flowers. Having a cup of coffee and spinach, mushroom, and cheese crepe. The best thing perhaps is its locality and it's not that crowded.

b/ Glebe Market
I guess it's suppose to be a secondhand market or a craft market. But strangely speaking, the goods aren't appealing to me. Don't worry Melbourne, your Camberwell Market is still much better.

c/ The Rocks
Still I love The Rocks though I've been coming there for a couple of times. Didn't really find something new and interesting but I love the surrounding.

d/ Paddington Market
It's a bit weird actually that I've never been to Paddington Market. The stuffs here are way better. Moreover, I love the area, Oxford Street to be exact. And I found this street (a bit like Greville Street in Melbourne), called William Street, where they have mini stores selling pretty stuffs! Probably it's the best unexpected find of mine in Sydney. Hehe.

e/ Chinatown Night Market
Crab takoyaki! Yum.

22 January 2011

Tailored Leather

I've been working on this since two days ago actually but it got neglected until this Saturday morning, I felt a bit crafty! Well, as you can see it's a mini book sleeve made of leather, came up together with a few hand stitches. I know it's not the most sustainable thing to do but duh I love natural leather! The prettiest fact is that it's made to fit my mini Swedish dictionary :) Stor!

19 January 2011

Recent Finds

And of course the whole idea: Monocle.
Oh the lovely parka too.

18 January 2011

Pure Ignorance

Just been back from Sydney last night. Had a late night talk. Slept at six woke up at seven thirty this morning. Went to see some interesting things at Platform. Had a juice with the teacher.Brief nap. Back to my chair. Working on portfolio while crossing my fingers. Tomorrow.

12 January 2011

Direktori Seminyak

I stayed in Seminyak last month. The most memorable thing perhaps was taking a bike trip around Seminyak on my own, hence I can make this little directory of mine. I did take some pictures with my analog camera - I used b/w film - but haven't been able to find anyone that can process the film. How sad. But I will definitely come back for further exploration of Seminyak!

10 January 2011


Izakaya Den, Melbourne.

07 January 2011

Kembali Ke Gambar Nol

Kembali ke Indonesia seperti kembali ke gambar nol. That's how we say it in marching band. Dulu benci-benci tapi cinta juga, karena rasanya udah belajar banyak dari mb. And I keep on coming back.

05 January 2011


Perjalanan gue selama internship di Indonesia banyak dihabiskan di salah satu mal yang ada di Bunderan HI karena memang tokonya ada di situ.
Banyak waktu di HO juga di Sudirman.
Banyak waktu juga di restoran terkemuka di Jakarta seperti makan buntut goreng di Tan Goei seberang sekolahnya Obama dan kantin ke kantin. Ternyata salah satu ambisi mereka adalah makan-makan enak. Hihi.Banyak waktu foto-foto juga. Jadi kesimpulannya banyak waktu ngapa-ngapain hehehe. Terima kasih buat kakak-kakak, bapak-bapak, dan ibu-bu yang baik-baik dan mau mengajari saya! Tunggu kedatangan saya kembali :)

04 January 2011

A Very Grateful Note

At this time of the day, if I’m not saying how grateful I am, I rather am a fool. Going back to the place where I grew simply reminds me of the many things I’ve been through. I guess there is a feeling – deep inside of everyone – and a need of acceptance from people around, and I believe that’s the thing that has supported me so far. People around me. Sometimes I’m too oblivious to see how people are very caring, however here I truly see that people aren’t that mean somehow. I don’t know why I enjoyed this coming back so much. I can sort of see where I was, where I am now, and where I want to be. So the benchmarks I’ve left are pretty useful for myself anyhow. I guess I’m just so obliged for the things that I have and seriously couldn’t ask for more.
So many things have happened in 2010. Everyone should have their own aspirations and I guess I have mine. Simply just for the fact that I can go here and there, admiring what life has to offer. Thank you for that. For all the capabilities and the incapabilities. I am thankful for each of them. The chances being given to me. Karamel magazine. Doing internship for one of the most sophisticated Indonesian brands base. Contributing for Whiteboard Journal.
I am very proud of the marching band where I belonged in high school. I think I must have learned a lot from PSUMB so it shaped me this way (the part of being tough and so on - a bit). And they won the national championship again! Ah congrats! The friends that I love so much. I just didn't realize how I missed them so much until I came back and laughed with them all over again. And of course family, who gives me heart to come home to. My mom, dad, and my big brother must be the best thing that I can possibly possess in the world.That's the wrap up of 2010 I guess. I know it's already a bit late but since I waited 17 hours for my flight yesterday, I got time to think of all these wonderful things. I'm counting my blessings and still counting. May this year be a good year.