30 August 2012

Studio Mas Mas

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24 August 2012

1.9 Fishy Business

And now let's have some fish.

23 August 2012

1.8 Gone Fishing

All of the fishing activities caught on Galata Bridge from dawn to dusk. If you are around Melbourne this weekend, come to From Dawn to Dusk and get yourself involved in promoting Indonesian music!

22 August 2012

21 August 2012

1.7 Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar had a compelling visualisation of Istanbul, showing that trading held a strong position in the economy. Boats were closing the pier, workers unloading spices and tea from Asia, carrying them to Spice Market which was jus located in front of the pier. The cold winter was a rough situation to work, bad enough for traveling.

A cup of cay warmed his body as he was having a rest at one of the touristic cafes inside the Grand Bazaar. He asked why. However, it was nice with a slice of Baklava too. The sweetness of it was rich tough, so he resisted himself for putting a cube of sugar into his cay. Buy hey, Ataturk could have up to 18 cups of cay a day, an act that would bring normal people to suffer.

18 August 2012

Zürich by Nailed

Zürich by Nailed 


Point of Sales Display

17 August 2012

Dirgahayu Indonesia

Paskibra Santa Ursula 2008

15 August 2012

Forever Alone

One snowy day in front of the New Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

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13 August 2012

12 August 2012

1.6 Chai

Tea vendors were a common sight at The Grand Bazaar or in other public places in Istanbul. They walked around the market asking people if they would like a cup of Turkish tea, which most likely they would, for their sweet taste buds. A tiny cup of tea with two sugar blocks would satisfy them. 

A reason why the cup is in that shape is so that people can hold the cup by its rim to avoid the fingers from being burned. The tea itself got its popularity after the WWI when coffee was scarce and expensive. Atatürk recommended tea and people turned to it. I say, it is best enjoyed with lokum or other Turkish sweet delicacies for afternoon tea. 
Chai is tea, so chai tea equals tea tea. Empty cups. Don't let me be.

10 August 2012

1.5 Hagia Sophia

A view from the Blue Mosque direction

The dome of the Blue Mosque was pretty awesome, but wait until you see Hagia Sophia's second largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world, just beaten a step from Pantheon. That was what he was going to see that day, a snowy day with lots of other tourists wandering around the city.

Hagia Sophia was probably his favorite, with Saint Mary and Gabriel gazing down side by side, quite a quirky combination with Arabic calligraphy hanging on the wall. The Japanese tourists were dazzled by their tour guide's story telling flair through the 21st century electronic device on their ears while looking at the 5th century work of art. It was a pretty rad mixture. 

09 August 2012

At times when we were lost, there would be something good we found. A perfect palette of colour, of brown, pale pink, and pure snow flakes, made a subtly merrier day. This was next to an Orthodox Church just off Taksim Squre in the European side of Istanbul. A warm kebab that we had before filled our stomach enough, as the remedy to a failed trip to Princess Island. 
Hagia Triada, Beyoğlu

No worries, mistakes are to be made and certain numbers of failed trip should not trip us over. When I ask when, that is when I should not stop asking too much. Wondering what the key to success is, the #1 keyword is to be persistence. 

03 August 2012

1.4 Balik Ekmek / Fish Bread

In one of our winter nights in Istanbul, we had a fish sandwich for 5 lira. I have been craving for it since we walked back and forth on Galata Bridge over and over so many times. I saw the smoke from the grill and the crowd of people, I sensed something good there must be on the boat. Grilled fish on a halved baguette with onions and lettuce. Nothing more nothing less. It was good.

02 August 2012

1.3 The Blue Mosque

At the Blue Mosque, blue tiles decorated almost all areas of the wall and ceiling. This was partly because of Aniconism in Muslim, which means the avoidance of iconic symbols or figures. In Muslim, the depiction of human beings and animals is discouraged. That is why geometric patterns and calligraphy are seen as a way of expression in Muslim Art.

The vastly open area for the Mosque dominated the interior, was used mostly for male prayer area - depicting male domination in the society. Low lights were hanging from the high ceiling, creating a tranquil ambient to pray. Us - the tourists - might be a bit of a distraction though to this well-preserved structure.
I was still amazed how they take a good care of their assets in Turkey.