05 December 2012

4.3 Paris Paradox

As much as he hated the subway, it gave him time to think. It was such an eerie combination of the noise from the wheel scratching the steel rail to the quietness of the people inside the subway. Who would have thought that a kid could be so unhappy.
Maybe the lonely-looking person in front of you was the happiest person in the world. People were covering themselves with cling wrap. Transparent enough that you could see the surface, but you would not have an idea what is rotting inside.

Paris was an interesting city. It was full of superficiality, but it was so much alive. Perhaps that was what we have been living in? Superficiality? That was why Paris was such a winning city, promising so many things which seemed vague like a cling wrap ready to suck in the air around you until you could not feel anything. You would not even realize that something was wrapping you, containing you subtly. The more you breathe in, the more you lose your breath.

Paris was so paradoxical to him, he would not be able to stay there any longer except if he stayed inside Kadinsky Bibiotheque.
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