21 August 2014

Relaxed confidence.

- Yuni Jie

18 August 2014

Mind Your Own Trouble

The troubling thing is that everyone has their own trouble. As much as you want to help others, it really depends on how they want to carry it. Same as ourselves, no one can really help us if it's not ourselves.
The paradox of crowd loneliness. A room full of bunk bed in a hostel in Krakow. 

Sometimes, the more we talk to people, the more we feel flustered by different comments and different point of views, whereas the one who really understands the problem is solely us.

15 August 2014

Defining Happy

Sometimes we define happiness by what we saw, what we experienced and we thought it was. But what if we have seen, experienced or thought in a different way? Do we allow other people's standard to define ours?

After talking with friends about the common wedding reception - mistakenly thought as a standard.

12 August 2014

When you made up your mind, that is when you have to realize of the sacrifice you need to make.

And yet, life is about choosing. And believing.

11 August 2014

To Choose

There are some funny decisions we have to make in life.