01 December 2014

Staying In

Having not spend barely any times at home, I found myself mellowed by the ambiance of loneliness in my own bedrooms. Not just in Melbourne, not only in Hildesheim, but in my bedrooms everywhere else including here today. It usually happened after I took a long unnecessary mid-day nap and waking up just barely close to the sunset, when I'm not getting what I want and couldn't do anything about it, spending too much time on my own and running away from work that I suppose to do.

This night reminded me of what I usually do when I feel lonely.
I would:
- Heat up a pack of milk and add a bit of vanilla and sugar in it
- Have some McVities on the side
- Watch cooking shows on Youtube, could be Jamie Oliver, Nigella, Master Chef
- Do some random illustrations or watercolour
- Make some handcraft stuff I can do in my bedroom
- Write

These things calmed me down and occupied me until I felt tired and hibernated once again.

29 November 2014

Some things you need to comprehend in life...

21 November 2014


I'll die trying if I don't make it in the end.

09 November 2014

Banyan Tree

I think sometimes we are blurred by all these hypes and coolness and profanity of the world. We wanted to be someone that we don't even know. We wanted to stay at some nice hotels that we can't even afford. And fulfilment sometimes came from being like someone that we don't even know. Or from staying at some cool hotels.

What if you become someone that you really want to be and someone with your own purpose?
What if you own that hotel and make changes in the live of people around you?

The thoughts came after watching Ho Kwon Ping, the owner of Banyan Tree, on Bloomberg TV this morning. People might not get what you're doing right now, sometimes you don't even see it. But always remember that you strive towards a larger goal, which only can be seen once it's done. Embrace the process and don't ever doubt to stay on your path.

He says his resilience taught him a lesson: "You never should try to be what you are not. What you have, whatever disadvantages you may have, is what you have and... you have to create something unique out of it."
- Quoted from BBC.com