31 May 2013

Regulations x Stimulations

Countries with regulations, lack of stimulations.
Michael Young

To so many different degrees, I second to that statement.

That was one of the many reasons why Michael moved to Hong Kong. Simply because if he is in The UK, he wouldn't get access to the high end technologies as easy as he could in China. If he stayed in The UK, he would end up designing only ideological stuff, because that was the only thing he could get access to. 

It got me thinking, it is so true that we are what surrounds us are. We are formed heavily by our upbringing, by the environment we are living and by the people around us. Therefore, it becomes unquestionable that we have to consider of where we want to place ourselves. 

When countries put regulation to its highest, they start to lose stimulations. In a harder environment, where things are less likely to be in order and life is dependent upon our own willing to strive, then mentality starts to build up. The mentality to work for a living, that is when you actually get moved. Hopefully no matter based on what reason, if you are moving forward, you are doing fine. 

28 May 2013

Session 1 Highlights

Video by Vina Nurina Pranata

23 May 2013

A storm is just a breeze.
If you take it easy.

22 May 2013

Taste Studio - Session 1: Done!

As much as we were wishing to have a successful event, I think what we had at the first ever Taste Studio was more than enough, although things could always be improved. Perhaps what we really wished for was that everyone had a good time, so that was well-achieved!

If you were at the event, you would be bombarded with stuff like fancy recipe card, yummy testers, amazing plated desserts to be tasted and photo-taken of and a jar with dry ingredients for you to bake your own coconut sponge at home. Without the amazing team, this would be impossible.
Thanks to Uwi who made all possible! 
 photo N91A7946_E_zpscdb9b329.gif
Wait up for our next session!

21 May 2013

Coming soon this July.

19 May 2013

Everyone will simply have different opinion.

Let them be.

16 May 2013

Second To: Reid Hoffman

The 3 Secrets of Highly Successful Graduates from Reid Hoffman

Just recently, I stumbled upon this slides by Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn. Perhaps, most of us can relate, especially if you are in my age :) However, I think it elaborates some stages in life that we all will or have experienced. 

There is a line that struck me, which says:
Opportunities do not float like clouds in the sky
They're attached to people
If you're looking for an opportunity, you're really looking for a person

and it continues:
The people you spend time with shape who you are and who you become

After that, I was just thinking of what my mentor told me earlier. He told his kids to make friends at school, their marks are not as important. Suddenly, the argument becomes valid. 

So what are you waiting for. Break your wall down and get out to see people :)

12 May 2013

Taste Studio - Session 1: Deconstructed Layers

To all food enthusiasts!

Taste Studio is holding our first session, introducing our guest chef Ardika Dwitama. Ardika was the patissier of Union Jakarta (who is, of course, famous for their Red Velvet Cake) and has worked for Burch & Purchese Melbourne. Sweets are his passion and he would love to share some top secret tips from some of his favourite recipes!

Two recipes that Ardika will share with us are 'Chocolate, Vanilla and Salted Caramel' and 'Coconut, Lemon and Mango'. Both might sound normal, but they sure have some twists in them. And if you questioned, 'How can I know how they taste like if I have never tried them?' Not to worry, you can analyse the recipe by tasting them and recipes will be given so you can DIY.

Want to find out more? Please book your ticket through this email:

Tickets are $20 if pay before the event and $25 if you pay at the door. Once you book your place, a payment instruction will be provided.

Hurry as seats are limited!

10 May 2013

Surely/Someday + Kitchen x NP

Photo courtesy of Market & Museum

In the past few months Surely/Someday + Kitchen and I have been developing a booth for an event called Market + Museum. The booth is made out of recycled timber planks and some are teak. Every little parts and details are developed especially for SS Kitchen. Not only that, the booth is also able to be knocked-down for easy transportation.

07 May 2013


A refreshing moment
Needs not to be special
Needs not to be fancy
Only has to be experienced

That has to be created
Without expectation without reason
Go out fishing
Eat something yum
Play a trumpet
Go for a walk

06 May 2013

Surely/Someday + Kitchen & NP

A good friend Surely/Someday + Kitchen will open up a booth at Market & Museum this Thursday at Grand Indonesia. Come over and see our collaboration ;)

05 May 2013


I think I simply have the most progressive, clear-minded people around me who are always moving forward, keeping everyone in a good pace and nevertheless triggering the mind to work at its best. Collaboration is the best form and yet to be outcome of a supportive surrounding. Having a support system is the best thing you can possibly ask for if not the necessary. 

03 May 2013


Let's go out and play this weekend.

01 May 2013

Taking a Closer Look on Design

Design is often seen as a distant sector, it is believed to be exclusive and extravagant and sometimes can’t find a way to relate itself to other industries. Therefore, the result is low appreciation of design from those who don’t fully feel the benefit of it. Or I suppose that happens in other similar situations too. One of the expected results from AgIdeas and other design events in Melbourne, if not Australia (and applicable everywhere too) is to introduce design to business, vice versa. With better understanding of what design is and how design can help businesses, hopefully integration between these sectors is achieved over the time. In return, as designers we need to understand the standard of the trade and know where to place ourselves.

Opening the AgIdeas Research Conference, Per Mollerup brought up the idea that with by design, we simplify our life. Simple might be complex should not be complicated. This is similar to what Dan Norman’s idea of how things might seen as simple, where actually it is a pure extraction of simplified complication.

Other interesting perspective came out of a debate from environment and marketing point of view. It is said that marketing is partly responsible in selling ideas without bothering what impact it holds and is blameworthy in increasing consumerism. However, marketers said that they are just filling the gap in fulfilling what consumer wants. From my point of view, there is some level of responsibility of design to bring this to a better place. By design, hopefully we will be able to influence people subtly or aggressively in deciding what is good and what is poor.