26 June 2013

General Object Exhibition

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25 June 2013


One of the most enjoyable ways of learning, I would say is to have a mentor. He becomes someone that you could look up to, learn from his mistakes and share perspectives with. A good mentor will teach you what's practical and what applies in the real world, because sometimes those are the missing links from your study to the real deal.

When you are mentored, you are becoming slightly like your mentor. You pick up the goodness and leave what’s inappropriate. You observe, you gain and you apply.

Your mentor can be anyone. He can be your dad, your boss, your idol or even your friend. Pick someone (or a couple) who you believe could bring out the best of you, to support and to help you find your ways around.

One thing to keep in mind, you don’t have to be like your mentor. We are who we are and we should set our own goals, for no one is the same and it becomes pointless when you are just following people around.

18 June 2013

17 June 2013

Indonesian Icon Set

Monas - Onde - Bali

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11 June 2013

How to Improve One’s Quality of Life?

People said that if you live in a first world country, your standard of life is better. You become happier, your life is fulfilled. But what if you’ve lived a better life, you can buy what you want to buy, you can go wherever you go, yet you are not as happy as you thought you could be. Interesting enough, it is very hard to get happiness and foremost, to maintain it.

Happiness comes and goes.  When there is uncertainty, anxiety comes. When there is stability, boredom comes. When there is burden, there goes away happiness. But what life is without burden? Or shall we see no burden in life? No way.

Money can guarantee some things but not everything. Sometimes people are so tired fighting for money and they end up having money as their purpose. What will happen then if you’ve got wealth in your pocket? Apparently it means nothing if you have no one to share what you have with.

Why is it so hard then to sacrifice our times and energy for others? Although we know that we are saving for our future, just in a different way. Why is it more natural to put effort for gaining things for our selves than for others?  Isn’t it silly to know that we are having others for our own happiness too but end up wanting to put no effort in gaining it? Time to change.

07 June 2013


Somewhere quiet and tranquil. It would be nice.

A spot was found at Sam Poo Kong, Semarang. A corner where I could sit down and unwind. Everyone needs that once in a while. Especially after a long run.

03 June 2013

Which One Are You?

Designer is more of a MacBookPro than an iMac.

I believe one of the many challenges of being a designer is to work. Designer bounds to be free, out of the box and dynamic, something that work does not commonly offer.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many design freelancers out there? That is simply because designer normally can't stand being in a confined room with room dividers, where writing on the glass panels is forbidden and laughing out loud is reduced to a minimum. 

It is a challenge for us, to sit still on a chair an stare on the computer screen. After all, we are all human who need interaction. 

So, if that's the case, why don't we work in a better environment?

By all means:
1. Be where you can be yourself
There is no point in being in a room for eight hours a day and you can't express who you are.
2. Have a good support system
Surround yourself with people that resound with you. Not that you want to keep yourself in comfort, but simply to move you from your seat and make progress. Build a community that enables you to perform at your best.
3. Share 
You share = you gain. Nothing is more horrible than keeping things to yourself. It is bad for you and for people around you.

Don't forget that where ever you are right now is just a journey not the goal yet. Don't stop looking!

02 June 2013


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