29 May 2011


Say hello to a freshly printed presentation board. A semester-long project yet to be presented.

25 May 2011

21 May 2011

Night x Day

I love my early mornings.Loving my late nights.Which would result in late mornings. There are always things to smile for :)

19 May 2011


Halo Indonesia.

Sugar Mountain

Sugar Mountain at the fantastic Forum.

16 May 2011


Campaspe Down! We spent our Easter break here for four days under the lovely sun, although it was a bit breezy.
Canoeing. What better things can you do when you got this lovely lake stretching in front of you.
I got things, even more than the nice food and the pretty scenery. Can't believe. And I got new besties too! :)

15 May 2011

Young Dreams

In springtime, We light a fire
Underneath the dark sky
I take some time, to read your mind
You are shy, but so am I
We get it, like everyone else does
Like sailors we set for the sea
We're restless, that's why keep on moving
Not empty because of our young dreams
We´ll live forever
Summertime, gets us high
In between, we run out wild
You take some time to ...
-- Young Dreams

05 May 2011

Vintage Reconstruction #2

Flannel shirt: Sunday vintage, North Coburg
Emblem: Pasar Sunan Giri, Rawamangun