28 October 2014


Can easily stay here during the rest of our time in Bangkok.

27 October 2014

Family Dinner

Found on the road side from our hostel to BTS Asok.

22 October 2014

Getting There

Last few days have been filled with mixed feelings, including:
1. Panic
3. Excited
4. Confusion
5. Dilemma
6. Fun

Seems like there have been too many things happening in the last few days. We woke up super early on Saturday morning, met up at the airport, got our things checked in, searched for kunci L throughout the whole airport, slept on air, got there and set up our furniture at the exhibition, got very hungry and exhausted, went to the hotel, slept like a sweaty baby, woke up early for the opening, stood at our booth, partied, bleh. 

After some days spent at the exhibition, finally we got a time to go out and explore a bit.

Bangkok is:
1. Liveable
2. Clean
3. Neat
4. Connected
5. Active

How can we make a living here?

15 October 2014

11 October 2014


Rises above their circumstances and difficulties to embrace whatever life throws at them.
- Neecha

07 October 2014

Exhibiting Soon

General Object will be participating in a rather exciting exhibition soon. We have prepared for a couple of months now, our new products, in reaction to present days living problem. Collaborating with two other talented product designers, our works will represent different backgrounds, hence turning the collaboration into a complex yet comprehensive one.

For some time now, I think haven't been designing something quite thoughtful. Blame the commercialisation of things in Indo, haha. But yes, I do feel that I feel more inspired when I'm overseas, for life is so good and you barely need to survive. In Indo, all I think about is how to get things done and rarely think about the bigger picture. Wrong.

So this coming up exhibition is a pretty enlightening one, for one can take her time to think things through, such a privilege we often forget about.

Anyway, the exhibition will be coming in mid October.

06 October 2014

But in the end,

Who is it
That is always there?

02 October 2014

When Work Has Become Satisfaction

As weird as it sounds, I enjoy my time in the car alone. Particularly when I get out of the building in the early morning, I will turn my music on, put on my sunnies and drive happily to wherever I'm heading. Especially when I have a certain tune that I'm wanting to listen that morning, I'll be quite excited to get into my car and drive. Driving gives me the time to think things through. Maybe it's somewhat therapeutic like swimming does to many people.

Getting to the place I need to work on that day is rather exciting too! Due to work circumstances, working does not have to be done from the cubicle. On the contrary, we try to work at various locations and get ourselves moving each day. This exercise opens up our perspectives and helps us to be relevant to the present needs.

And for me, working till late night provides a distinct satisfaction. It simply gives a feeling that one has worked hard enough (or it's just a matter of time management, I don't know). But all the crazy thoughts simply show themselves at this hour of the day! It has become a satisfaction to finish things off, to volunteer, to work until I'm just too tired and to sleep late.

Work has quite become an identity. Some people does branded bags, pretty face, car driven, watch worn, slim legs, but it's work for me.