30 July 2011


It is not exaggerating to say that Metropolis is a tailored bookshop for Melburnians. The independent bookseller seems to fit Melbourne’s culture perfectly, cultivating the city’s quirky culture while letting itself being shaped by the dynamics of the people. It gets more interesting to know more about Metropolis after Whiteboard Journal found out that it is more than just a design bookshop, it turns out that the people behind Metropolis are those who subtly shape the city’s hip clique: Metropolis is the trend maker.

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The best Japanese brunch in Melbourne I've ever had so far. Too much love is put into this place.

28 July 2011

Early Days

Finding photos from my early days. Ah young.

26 July 2011


Poor thing, are you happy in there?

17 July 2011

Working Space

This is where industrial kiddos belong. Perhaps, it's the most productive place I can be during the day. More things to be born. But first, let's have a holiday, saying see you later to the workshop.

08 July 2011


Next week shall be interesting. I will be preparing for a new found journey - an educational one / a travel trip. I have a few projects coming up, just bought sheets of plywood, so I shall spend my days at the workshop, measuring twice and cutting them once. Some things waiting to be done for the publications. Some things for myself. Packing my bags as I will fly back soon. Better be organised. Have a nice weekend though, my plan is to sit back and relax, preparing myself for the week to come. Tata!

06 July 2011

Kotak Kayu

Was working at the workshop for the whole week, making timber frames to hold these soundproofing foams for a friend's band studio.
Kotak Kayu
Owned by Pandria Dewangkoro

01 July 2011


We are all makers.