16 November 2016

14 November 2016

Viktor&Rolf at NGV

Viktor&Rolf is a Dutch fashion artists duo, showing their works for the first time in Australia. The avant-garde duo surely has a different perspective towards what we commonly call fashion. Their approach of 'wearable art' impacts their whole process of making their pieces up to the final design. 

The picture that you see above is a collection they presented in Spring Summer 2016 based on a polo shirt and elements of Cubist facial feature. The work intrigued me so much because of the simplicity and intricacy of it. It is stunning how you can present boldness in a measured movement and placement of garment. The collection itself was called The Performance of Sculptures.

Another collection that brought my attention was the Zen Garden. A high concept of a raked Japanese   sand garden, where the pieces are made based on what the model will be on stage: an arrangement of rocks. It is interesting how Viktor&Rolf actually begin their design process by thinking about how they will present it at the show, creating this whole new approach and holistic presentation.

This collection from 1999 is definitely a unique one especially in terms of its presentation. A model was standing on a turntable to be fitted with layers of clothing that build up over the show until its stunning final overcoat is worn.

And of course, a favourite section of any special exhibitions for me would be the kids section. NGV somehow always does this amazingly. At this Viktor&Rolf's kids section, children were allowed to explore their inner experimentalist. They were equipped with basic paper and tools to create collars based on their imagination. One thing I also noticed from Viktor&Rolf was how they set boundaries for themselves. For example, only using one colour in their collection and allowing themselves to think beyond the boundaries. Sometimes limitation does help to expand our way of thinking, isn't that true?

21 October 2016

08 October 2016

Heide MoMA

I want to have a house/gallery like this one day!

29 September 2016

Feeling ok this year.

06 June 2016

28 May 2016

Eat & Eat Bassura

Food Virtuoso illustration for Eat & Eat Bassura.

27 May 2016

The Hamlet

Skeehand Studio

Kin. You can see the process of how they make their jewellery. 

A barber.

The Brodog.

22 May 2016

Brutality at Hotel Hotel

Driving to Canberra from Melbourne at 3AM in the morning and I got a feeling that we're going to love our accommodation. Truly were. We dozed off until midnight and missed our dinner. End up having bar food at the Monster, which perhaps was one of the best bar foods ever existed. 

More about the hotel now. I always thought when I saw their pictures on the website that they were all renders, until I took photos of the room myself. The details on the wall, softness of the linen and reflection of the lighting are all real. There are just so many little details going on in the room itself that made people wandered around in the room to pay attention to what details are in the surface they touched. Warm, welcoming, complex, easy. 

Bathroom was exquisite. Aesop amenities, brass bordered mirror. 

The entrance into the hotel was more like a view towards outer space. It is surreal but still humane when you pay attention to the timber blocks which seem to be all unique.

Little library corner. Great reads like AA Association books and other great collection.

Limitation does exceed our capability. Look at this one material concierge desk. 

Monster Kitchen and Bar.

Hotel Hotel managed to uplift the boring repetition that we found most commonly at hotels and other accommodation models. Without losing the efficiency and impact of repetition, the interior was made so each corner still have their own persona. There are a lot of details going on, still aligning with the big picture of the hotel yet sometimes a bit naughty and daring to go off the core. Feels like you're talking to an old weathered man, full of experience, character and subtle excitement. Handsome.

08 March 2016

New Favourites

Unfortunately, no, I haven't been inspired much lately. Not to blame anything, anywhere or anyhow, it just seems to be one of those days when you feel like mundaneness is filling up the air around you. Last weekend though, the family went to an under-planned trip to Launceston, Tasmania. 

It has become one of my favourite cities since last weekend.

The town, I must say, moved me quite a lot. It's such a small town, with wide extensions towards the wineries in Tamar Valley and through the mountains of Cataract Gorge. The city centre itself dwells in the heart of the town with family-run shops are still flourishing throughout the shopping strip. 

We did spend a lot of our times in Launceston, eating. Which was the best itinerary ever to do in Launceston. Let me tell you, the beef, the wine, the fruits and veggies and the dairies are to die for. They are as good as a commodity can get. We had dinner at Black Cow, the rather humble fine restaurant in the city centre, seating about 20 tables at max. They served beef from across Tasmania, representing each areas with the appropriate cut and the most appropriate way of cooking it. Steaks were seared really well and served with the finest potato gratin on the side. 

A big sister of Black Cow, Stillwater is no less impressive. Situated at an old mill, the cafe serves the most honest food. I must say, it is comparably unpretentious compared to the heavily branded cafes flourishing in Melbourne. Over-branding makes things dull and it overcomes the true meaning of what you are serving. At Stillwater, families are having a casual breakfast, seats are mix and matched, no fancy menus, just what it is. 

Second floor hosts Providore, where Tassie's best produces are compiled. A really good shop for all things Tassie, if not Launceston.

Came with no expectation, came home with a lot of beautiful photos and imageries floating in my head.

Cataract Gorge

I don't think I have ever dreamt 
Of water flowing between the valleys
Leading to no one knows where
Only drifting away like a bunch of silly fishes

I don't think I have ever dreamt 
Of yet another freedom
Abundance of movement 
And a time o'plenty

I don't think I have ever dreamt 
Of such body of water
That fills the space
As if nothing happens

31 January 2016

28 January 2016