30 June 2010


To be bold, daring, and different, might merely requires the knowledge instead of the gut. Different does not mean you cannot be in gray, it is a matter of picking your own way.

28 June 2010

Humble Marketplace

Jenni, Milk, and I went to Rose Street Market on Saturday yay. Wonderful things, you should go there if you come to Melbourne. Humble people we met. Including The Humble Vintage, if you want to go around in a such fashion.Some things (and people) are being adored for their humbleness, I guess. So don't brag. Hehe.

25 June 2010


Hari ini di Melbourne hujan. Besok teman-teman bertambah lagi yang pulang ke Indonesia. Padahal kemarin cerah. Jadi kami makan crepe di jalanan, di belakang GPO. Enak ya mengobrol sama teman.

24 June 2010

Manusia Burung Makan

Ada tamu datang dari Perth, hehe. Percaya atau tidak, kami sudah saling kenal sejak sebelum kami lahir. Hahaha. Maka dari itu kami semua makan pagi di Birdman Eating.Mainan.

21 June 2010

Hanya Di Pikiran Saja

Triangles, logic, sensibility
On paper

19 June 2010

Chairs, Above,

And the coffee was great.
Sabtu sore biasa. Santai-santai. Bincang-bincang. Semua orang pulang ke rumah masing-masing ya. Ada baiknya juga tinggal. Tinggal dicari baiknya. Brother Baba Budan
359 Little Bourke Street

17 June 2010

How Can I Survive Here?

tokyo subway mapHow Can I Survive Here?
Made with the help of miraculous technology

16 June 2010

Guess where I'll be going this holiday.

14 June 2010


I don't know why, but this performance was so captivating. We went to this Turkish-Japanese festival at BMW Edge. It's a Turkish thing, I remember seeing something like this in Ahmad Dhani's video clip, right? Infotainment can't be that bad you know haha.
It's amazing to see how people's perception is different in many ways. Things are interpreted variously, even for the same religion or else. In some parts of the world, they seem to be very cultured, I feel like I need to refine myself haha. I need to open myself for things, ya? Hahaha.Oh can't get enough of Melbourne.