01 February 2014

Weekender: Working On My Freedom

It's Saturday morning and my head just can't stop working. From sketching to budgeting for the next projects and working on few concepts for our latest products. There are few reasons why I love working and can't leave myself not doing so, but there is one grandeur reason why I keep on moving.

As I went through my process of adultery (boring - sometimes), I realized that working is not something for the present stature, it is for the future. Whenever I work, I think of the result that will come up afterwards. That's quite a jumpy thought, really, but that moves me. Everyone likes to be rewarded and often things in life don't offer instant reward of what you do. Having a big picture of how you want to be in the future is one thing and I highly recommend you to have one, but having smaller goals which bring a feeling of reward is another thing. When you are triggered by the positive thought that you are moving forward, it is usually easier to keep on moving rather than when you feel that you are stagnant. So keep your pace up. 

Speaking about the bigger picture, I clearly have a vague idea of where, what and how I want to be. However, I do possess certain standards that I want to achieve and qualities that I want to have in life. Just like design, you will never really know what your final product will look like, it's all just about styling by the end, but what matter is the qualities it possess from the beginning. One thing that I know is that I am working on my freedom.

People will then ask, what? So you're not really loving what you do if in the end all you want to do is to not work? Well, that's totally the opposite of what's in my head. Working hard while you're young requires discipline, perseverance and a clear vision of what you want to do. What I'm talking about is the future days of freedom to do whatever you want without having the weight to work on things that don't matter as much for you. Whether it's doing social work that matters to you, being with your closest ones or simply working on the things that you love whenever and wherever you want to, all these things are called freedom. The freedom to choose. And that is what I'm working on right now.