30 July 2010

After The Long Haul

It was Sunday when I arrived in Ginza. The streets were closed for cars, it was safe and sound to stroll around in a such fashion. A sign of bike culture cannot be avoided. Amazingly, heaps of sightseer happily ride on their own customized bike with those lovely additions which suit the people in a perfect manner. I've got no idea that Ginza would be this spirited. And to the fact that the people are so polished, I could not stop adoring them (and their bikes). Rarely that you would see people going home without carrying shopping bags. It is in their blood I think.What a pleasant evening in Ginza.

29 July 2010

How It All Began

Knowing that we won't understand much of what they are going to say up there in Japan, it makes me think that it would be such an interesting experience (that I would love to share as well). My first thought as I arrived at Narita was: Wow I'm in Ultraman's world! Seriously, everything in Ultraman just started to make sense for me at that point. Haha.
Having our first lunch in Tokyo. It was hot hot, everyone was queuing for a glass of beer.

28 July 2010

The Japan Series

You see tempura and sashimi. You feel the bike culture. Debonair beings are crossing the busy streets. Another direction is considered well. Admiration and confusion, you might be lost in translation. Sore ankles and the wetness of sun. Sense of culture pride. Big brand means seven-floored shop. The place where three seconds is a delay. Warm toilets. Kana nor kanji, we understand none. This has to be The Japan Series. It is coming to you soon.

15 July 2010

See You Soon!

Got a family reunion coming up :) I've been wanting to go here since I don't know when, definitely super excited for this holiday. So I will see you soon when I am back. Hope you're enjoying your holiday as well wherever you are!

14 July 2010

The Design Capital

State of Design is happening right now, it's Victoria's Design Festival. Lots of things going at the same time as far as I know, one of them is this kinetic sculpture - SOL.a, that is - at Federation Square. Basically what it does is it keeps changing its form due to the sun's solar energy. Cool, eh? I haven't seen the transformation myself, but seeing an aesthetic kinetic sculpture in the middle of a city, that must be something if not a design festival.

13 July 2010

One Day

Have to be there one day, and hopefully will learn lots of things. Can I?

12 July 2010

An Aesthetic Market

What can be better than a design market. Yes, it is the Melbourne Design Market! Even the sound of it is great, ya? One of the best markets, I reckon, apart from Indo's lovely Brightspot market of course. Located at Federation Square's car park, this slightly lit underground spot contains everything good in Melbourne design scene. You know, lately I always sounded like I am reporting for Whiteboard. Haha.Hanging underneath, are Hobes shoes, which are really getting their mark here, everyone just seems to have one of these pairs. And oh you know what, I regret it so much that I didn't buy any records from Designer Muzik. If anyone know where I can buy it please tell me, I want it! Anyhow, I did get a chance to chat with Jessie Fairweather from The Foundry, got to be my most adored brand here, absolutely in loooooove with their products.

11 July 2010

Miss Marple

Such a shame, I have been in Melbourne for some time now and I haven't been to Miss Marple's. Haha. So here we were, going up to the mountain (yes it's on a mountain!), having breakfast at Miss Marple's. Luckily, I have a friend who's so kind, he drove us up to the mountain hehehe. I heard people say that you have to be exactly at 11 to get a seat, and yes that's not a joking matter, we got there at around 11, and we almost didn't get a seat.Well, the food. I can't say that it's something that can blow you away, it was just okay. I guess it's more of an atmospheric thing. Like, it's a very homey sort of place, and people do enjoy having conversations here. But, but. If you're already in this area, you definitely have to go to Brother John (it's a restaurant as well, 5 minutes walk from Miss Marple's) and you have, I repeat, you have to taste the most unbelievably soft-warm-smooth-yummy-best ever scones I have ever tasted! I can't believe there's a scone that good.

06 July 2010

Knock The Wood

An exhibition. Of things. On Wooden Foundations.