30 September 2011

Two Euros Each

28 September 2011

Victoria, I Miss

This is Victoria, not Niedersachsen. The good views from the last days in Australia. I miss!

9 Days 25 Trains

Nine days on the move to see what Germany has to offer. Two traveling mates, three places we crashed, two nights in a tent, one night in a messe, one October Fest, twenty five intercity trains, one Pope, much of exhaustion, heaps of excitement. This series will be a long one, since we saw good scenery, we did crazy things, we ate heaps of bread, not to forget the maß, also the encounter with the drunks. Prost!

18 September 2011

I am seeing good, green views.

16 September 2011

Sometime ago in W.

Triangular Bread

It's called Volkornsjehaihweiajoikaosdjomck (can't remember the name). Bu it's nice. And it's a triangle. I'm going for a trip. So see you soon!

12 September 2011

Your Guide to German Produkt Vol. 1

Thomy Delikatees-Senf
Um, not really a German product but surely it is popular here. No, no, it's not a toothpaste. Thomy is a Switzerland-based company, the first company to mass-produce mustard.

Butter Kase
(Translated Butter Cheese)

Ritter Sport
A German chocolate bar. I like mine bitter.

Mandel Spread
Just like the lovely Nuttela, but this is almond instead. I love the spread. I can spread it on anything. It's just one of those Homebrand things here, but the hell, it's yummey!

Excursion II

We went to the woods, yayay! It is Harzburg, a mountain range in the Northern Germany. We walked quite a bit, took the cable car, walked again for another hours. Stopped for a cold drink straight from the spring. Walked again, up up. Then we got to this spot where we could see this lovely scenery. Had our packed lunch, a sandwich and an apple for me, while sitting on the rocks and enjoying the view. And oh the breeze. Nothing beats the mountain breeze.
We saw the lynxes. Then we walked downhill to the city and stopped for an ice cream. What a nice day in the woods.

11 September 2011


Something that I did for Scarf some time ago. Do come if you are around Melbourne. Doing good things that does not hurt. How fun!

10 September 2011

09 September 2011

Nasi Goreng

Sudah lama tidak makan nasi! Kalau kamu di Indonesia, banyak-banyak makan nasi, kamu bakal kangen. Apalagi yang namanya nasi goreng. Di sini, orang makan brot und wurst saja.

07 September 2011

The Irony of Moving Places

But do I miss Melbourne? Yes, much.

06 September 2011

Hey, Phillip

Some time before.

05 September 2011

A Sunday Afternoon in Hannover

I must admit that Hannover is a very cool city. But strangely enough, it's not the young who liven up the city. I went there on the weekend when there is a festival in the city (well there seems to be a festival here every time I check). There was this really cool band called Jazzkantine performing in front of the Hauptbahnhof. Everyone was basically on the street that afternoon. People were dancing and drinking, couples were kissing (not the young ones, I tell you). Basically, everyone here is enjoying their life!
So. More or less, the festival is to introduce the city. There were some free tours, food stalls on the main streets, and the most awesome thing is they let people in to the galleries and museums for free. Hannover is the place where contemporary works are highly appreciated, or should I say Europe. Lovely. I went to one of the contemporary galleries, named Kustverein Hannover.
I haven't explored the city that much too, but knowing that I can travel here for free using my student card, I can come here every weekend, yay.

04 September 2011

02 September 2011


Now it feels a bit like home :)