16 October 2012

2.9.4 Hide and Seek with Caroll

It was hard to imagine how such city can function. It was just like no where else in the world. The mark on the wall, adhered to the water, showed that the city will be drowned in a hundred years or so.
The charm of Venezia was on its tiny lanes and the canals. He would take his Caroll to play hide and seek here, to count until 1037 and he would be given unlimited time to look for him. While Caroll was counting, he would go to Doge's Palace where St Mark's lowe would be waiting for him to jump on his back and fly through the lanes, over the cute Italian flats, passing the Venetian ghetto, then landing him to a hidden alleyway where only him and a couple of others know. 
The end of the alleyway led to an underground. The underground wooden door was as usual very hard to open because it was really old and it was meant to be heavy just like at the Chinese restaurants on Melbourne's Exhibition Street, to prevent people from running away without paying. By the count of 381, he would be ordering a cappuccino with a piece of canelloni ala crema - his favourite tapas, Venetian style. It was a bit dark at where he's sitting now so he moved a bit to the side allowing a proper amount of sunlight to shine through. As he was reading his black-covered magazine, he could hear some guys on the other table were chatting about things. He wished he could understand but he only knew his mother tongue, a good amount of English and a bit of German. He envied those left brainers who learn languages so easily. 

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