24 October 2012

3.1 Moving Image

It was the prettiest moving image he ever sat eyes on, from Milan to Zürich it was. The lake met the mountains, layers of hills were fading out, creating an ephemeral view. Hints of snow here and there, more obvious when the train passed the small towns.
A city called Lugano was passed. Some people got on to the train. A husband wore a cream cashmere turtle neck sweater and a black blazer, whereas the wife wore an off-white sweater and cream tights. They both were in their mid 40's. The found their seat and settled themselves to a comfortable position. Life was hight - they were seen chatting quietly once in a while and sipping their coffee from a polished brass thermos flask.

Now  he knew how Monocle's target market looks like. Life was high in here. It was about 17:30 at that time, the sun hit the tops of the mountain delicately, leaving two parts of mountains separated by a slight line of shadow. There were just some things that you have to see with your own two eyes. That can't be documented with any analogous image capturing device. And now that his light meter went off, please forgive all the uncertain character visible in his photo. However, he just wanted to enjoy the beautiful train ride. 
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