01 October 2012

2.8 Moving On

Finally he had to move on. He remembered this was one of the lowest points of his journey, apart from one night in Hildesheim when he felt so lonely and he took a train straightaway to Hannover to go to Starbucks just so it felt a bit like home. 

Now that the train guys were giving the bedsheets to passengers, he set his instant bed to the most comfortable arrangement it could possibly be. And overnight train would take him to Venezia Santa Lucia in the dawn tomorrow. Always been afraid of white bedsheets, he wondered if he could put himself to bed tonight. It was weird how things work paradoxically sometimes. The more you travel, the more you miss home. All he could think about was to have a warm plate of steamed rice with a sunny side up - asian style - with sweet soy sauce that he cooked on his own, although he just had the best gnocchi for lunch at Da Francesco today. The freshness of homemade pasta reminded him of his eight months in Brighton. The train trip would take him about six hours too his destination. 
Roma Termini -  Venezia Santa Lucia

Sleeping on a train was not as comfy as he thought. Glad it was only a couple of hours of sleeping on a 0.75 x 2 meter collapsible bed. The current read was Tarzan in The Media Forest by Toyo Ito. Cold as it was, the train was rushing in no time to get to Venice the next early morning just to find out that he had to sleep at the hostel lobby.
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