01 September 2010


Taste of Melbourne was great, can't help ourselves to not eat everything. Heaps of Melbourne's best restaurant were there showcasing their idealistic - sometimes inventive but not so intuitive - foods. But yes that's what we enjoyed, culinary experience darling!Pistachio 'panna cota' with caramel salted popcorn from Sarti.Oh my gosh those lovely Pat and Stick's ice cream sandwich. We had a try of The Palace's eye fillet, potato mash with sauce Bordelaise, and their wagyu burger as well; cured Marlborough king salmon, sweet corn, chorizo and kipfler potato from Gordon Ramsay's Maze; Stokehouse's The Bombe, which is a white chocolate parfait with strawberry sorbet and toasted meringue. And of course lots of free nibbles (that's what we're looking for!)from Ben and Jerry's, Tuaca, King Island Dairy, Sisko Chocolate, and plenty other generous stalls. The best out of them got to be the eye fillet. And I tried this wonderful delicate belgian chocolate brownies from Dello Mano.
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