15 May 2015


To work in Indonesia, you need insensitivity, a dash of empathy and a big tolerance to accommodate people's way of working. The fact is that not everyone will have the same pace as you, the same working method as you, the same way of thinking like you

To lead is to accommodate these differences.

People will always question why they are told to do things in a certain way. The thing is, not everyone is ready to accept significant changes in the way of working. Sometimes you have to see the bigger picture first, experience more, then later on you will know why things are done in certain ways.

But, everyone is welcomed to have a say.

In the end we all grow from learning from our mistakes, not from being what we are right now. Everyone needs to change. Also, working means getting things done, without complaining too much, without asking too much. No one needs to know what troubles you have right? Especially in design, where a big part of it is about problem solving. So if you're in a deep shit, suck it up and solve it.

Life needs to go on, eh?

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