08 May 2015

To Live Now

A walk in the park, Melbourne.

I can't remember being this touristy in Melbourne, perhaps this time has passed since I first arrived in Melbourne. But I suppose, I love that innocence when you first explore a new city, an eagerness to know everyone in town, a desire to dig deeper and the motivation to move forward.

That sense of innocence is rather important, to keep our inner child. Sometimes we feel that we have known enough, that we are too arrogant to ask, to dig or simply being not interested in things. I love mundane things. I think our everyday behaviour shapes us more than a one time hit wonder. Our everyday life shows if we are fully awake or simply just passing days without realising it. 

The more I think about it the more that I rethink if all this time I have actually paid attention to things, people and events around me. Whether I have been hurrying or delaying too much. There more we embrace the everyday life and make the most of it, the more we have a fulfilled sense that we are not wasting any of our times although we might only spend it with a humble dinner with our loved ones, a drive to the laundry or a night at home spending time on the laptop with someone doing the exact same thing across us. 

There is nothing fancy about life, really.

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