02 July 2014

The Nostalgic Feeling

I found myself having trouble sleeping at night. It seemed like my mind keeps running at my midday pace and wouldn't stop though the dusk has passed. 

This was a nostalgic feeling occurred to me at some circumstances:
- Have been working too much
- At a precarious state
- Having not done enough things
Somehow this feeling was not a stranger to me. 

One day when I was in Hildesheim, I felt that I was so lonely although so many people surrounded me. 

"It is lonely when you're among people, too,"
- The Little Prince

I jumped straight on to the train heading to Hannover, about 20 minutes on the S4. Once arrived at the Hauptbahnhof, the first errand was to grab a hot brezel from Ditsch, something that always warm the heart. After walking few kilos into the city, I would, surprisingly head to Starbucks at one of the malls near the station. I wouldn't go to Starbucks if I were in Melbourne, but something inside of me made me excited that I was going there. 

It was about the familiarity that I chose to come to Starbucks. Not about the coffee, not about the interior, not about the food. It was merely because I missed the feeling of being somewhere I'm familiar with and having no need to adapt one more time. 
That was I think one reason why Starbucks have won so many of our hearts. It was about the convenience, the consistency and the trust that we could come back for so many times and it would still be the Starbucks we know. 

A lot of touch points went into consideration when building such brand to evoke the nostalgic feeling, the needy feeling and the attachment. These include smell, taste, look, feel, atmosphere, noise and so much more. Building a brand required a lot of humanity and a lot of consideration to make it a successful one. And through times, improvement is the core of any brand to strive and to stay relevant. 

In the end, the nostalgic feeling is what we're craving for.
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