05 July 2014

Know Your Leader

There is something rather romantic about being able to relate with someone so far yet so close to you. Perhaps it is like a long distance relationship, that you sometimes can't talk directly to that person, but you just know it, you know exactly that you share the same values.

It's been quite a long time, I think, that we have not heard people who are making so much sense, that we are now in the euphoric state of joy, simply because we are able to relate to our leaders. It's that bad and we've been craving it for so long. The absence has been too long that a glimpse of hope seems very warming now. 

Being able to choose a leader is quite a privilege. Out of the so many opportunities, perhaps we have not been able to utilize it as much as we could. Rather astounding it is, to see how such leader can move so many people to speak up, to be bold and and to vote. It has come the time when being a follower is uncool and to step up doesn't make you a fool. 

To be honest, I'm bought by all the movement, the color tone, the illustration and the imagery of such leader. Can't deny that I felt that this leader is very relevant to me and it triggered me to trust that person. Simply because of the relevancy, knowledge of the present problems, the authenticity and the willingness to make a change, are the reasons why I've made up my mind. 

Just like in a relationship, I want to be in an adventure with whoever that is. However bumpy the road is, the notion that all of us might make mistakes sometimes, yet the optimism that we can be better is at times enough to push me a bit further. I hope when we're making a decision to help someone to reach the goal, we are at a realistic state that everyone is human. Put your hope at a measured optimism and keep in mind that it's about us doing it together. Don't get lazy and wish someone will do it for you. You, you are the one has to do it for the country.

Our chance to make a difference comes in 4 days, be wise and stay conscience!


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