05 March 2014

What Is A Good Day At Work?

A good day at work for me has become a day when everyone feels accomplished with what they've done, knowing that they've work at their best, tried their hardest yet keeping ourselves open for feedbacks. It has never been a day when I solely feel that I've got praises nor when I feel that everyone liked my design or whatever.

Working with fellow workers have its benefits and drawbacks. To me, it's a ride, but always a fun one. It's not easy to relate with fellow workers not to say fellow creatives. Although great minds are said to think alike, great minds also possess their own values, ideas and beliefs. Never been easy I must say, but when at work, we always try to progress, progress and make more progress until we've reached the desired result without being too selfish about what we think is right or wrong.

To work together requires a lot of patience, perseverance and empathy. People are hard as rock. It's a truly wonderful thing to experience working together with people of the same values and good characters, for they improve in the process and of course you do as well. Now a good day at work has transformed into be abundantly blessed environment surrounded by wonderful people. Praise.
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