09 March 2014

To Live

"Everyone deserves not just to survive, but to live." 
-- Steve McQueen

That thing he said triggered the mind on so many different level. On how sometimes we have neglected our privileges, on how most of the times we focused on the disadvantages, on how we were reluctant to be grateful and on how we usually didn't make the most of our potential.

"To survive" is not as hard. We survive everyday already. We successfully fulfill our daily needs and some of us even don't have to bother anymore about the matter of survival.

"To live" is a bit harder if not much. Living your life means being honest to yourself, whether you've tried your best or whether you've played around a bit too much, for your life is your own responsibility.

I've just talked to a good, good friend of mine. He's the kind of guy who will laugh at all life has to bring to him. From him I realized how things can play out a little bit differently on everyone. Sometimes it's fair and sometimes not. That made me sob a bit. But I learnt too that to live requires a certain character, the type that differentiates you from everyone else. To be that person, I realized now, that you have to just walk your way through and not to complain too much. Basic problems solved with basic characters, no fuss, no hush.

Now, let's live.

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