13 September 2013


As I was sitting at one of Jakarta’s hippest dining spots (if were not to meet friends, wouldn't be here), I started to believe that this is my dwelling place now. A group of young executives were having a chit-chat over dinner after their long working day, another table of well-off aunties were talking loudly about how their neighbors just spent millions of rupiah for a bag and in the more quiet corner, two young men were discussing their business while smoking a good rolled tobacco. Ahh, it felt so much like Jakarta.

A couple of reasons why I think people should come to Jakarta. Although sometimes it’s seen just as a city full of lifestyle and traffic, there is something phenomenal happening here. It’s just so alive and vibrant. It’s everyone in it who makes it like that. Everyone is contributing their energy, effort and their cash in supporting the rising small medium enterprises. Or wisely speaking, I should not use complicated words, as I would sound like the recently arrested (formerly up for election in Karang Asih) guy that just doesn’t seem as smart as he wants to. It’s a different sensation, Jakarta is. It’s the upper class to the lower class of the society who makes this all possible. Where else could you possibly find a society as broadly set apart as it is here?

Nevertheless, Jakarta is emerging in its own terms. The rising of pop-up markets is illustrative enough to show how vibrant the young culture is. Those who just don't find enough satisfaction in the everyday mundane and keep looking for a brighter future while enjoying the process. But hey, the ILO said to get young people to decent jobs. If the decent ones are not there, let’s just create our own. Good jobs are not at all easy to get, especially when previously existed jobs are not there anymore these days and suddenly totally new positions are available to those daring to take the challenge. It’s a big question mark really of how we all should react to the changes. It has really become the survival of the fittest and Jakarta is offering the land to survive (or so they said).

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