08 September 2013

A Conversation with Evan and Dan's Manifesto

It's really early in the dawn when I was reading Dan Pink's Flip Manifesto, a great read that I think everyone should spare some time to have a read. As I was reading, I was brought back to some days earlier this week, when I had a chance to spend a day with Evan of H.D. Buttercup who was visiting Indonesia (Yes, thanks to people around me who know that access is far more powerful than notes). There were some things that simply clicked to me and made me realize how people who do great in what the do are simply doing things that we all have been reading from books but just never end up doing it. 

Quoting from Dan's first paragraph:
"If you're looking for business advice, you might haul out your old MBA textbooks or consult a management guru. But the shrewdest guidance often comes from an actual entrepreneur. Someone who's created a company. Someone who's faced the challenges of missed deadlines, cranky employees and dodgy supply chains. Someone, say, like Bob the Builder."
True that. I've learned much more during my times tagging along people whom I respect, rather than studying at any schools. I had animated conversation with people who truly have been in the industry and have gone through the sweet and bitterness of it. I learned the real world wisdom from them.

It was interesting how Evan said to me to treat work like a relationship. You got to give all you have, you got to love it, you got to give it all your time. Otherwise, it won't work. He kept asking me, what do you want to do? What? Is it really? Why? And that straightaway affirmed me that I was not firm enough. Wrote Dan in his text: "Of course, passion isn't bad. But business can be a bit like love. When people first fall in love, they experienced that woozy and besotted feeling that verges on obsessiveness. That's passion and it's great. But as couples bond more enduringly, that fiery intensity can give way to calmer warmth. That's true love - and that's where the magic is." More than the hot and steamy passion, we should go for the calm and deeper love because you have to live with it. 

Here is a nice video of John Paul Dejoria, illustrating how your work should be your lifestyle, that you enjoy it so much and you do with sincerity. Do what you believe, although you can't pay your bills, keep doing it. Overcome rejections because you will eventually get through it.   
And a more real-life application of what working means, this one is one of my favorites on just get up and do attitude. 

A final advice was to travel. Keep moving otherwise you'll stay. It's good to experience, to see what's out there and to keep yourself present. Eventually from all the years, you will realize how insignificant you are. How you can't do things on your own and how you should appreciate and respect others even more. 

We are lucky in our own terms. And I'm lucky to have have people around me keeping me aware of the things that I might miss out in life. Nonetheless, strive towards a larger goal. 

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