31 May 2013

Regulations x Stimulations

Countries with regulations, lack of stimulations.
Michael Young

To so many different degrees, I second to that statement.

That was one of the many reasons why Michael moved to Hong Kong. Simply because if he is in The UK, he wouldn't get access to the high end technologies as easy as he could in China. If he stayed in The UK, he would end up designing only ideological stuff, because that was the only thing he could get access to. 

It got me thinking, it is so true that we are what surrounds us are. We are formed heavily by our upbringing, by the environment we are living and by the people around us. Therefore, it becomes unquestionable that we have to consider of where we want to place ourselves. 

When countries put regulation to its highest, they start to lose stimulations. In a harder environment, where things are less likely to be in order and life is dependent upon our own willing to strive, then mentality starts to build up. The mentality to work for a living, that is when you actually get moved. Hopefully no matter based on what reason, if you are moving forward, you are doing fine. 

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