22 October 2011

October Fest

Have I told you that October Fest is simply crazy fun? This has got to be the biggest festival I've been to. As soon as we arrived in München, we saw everyone was dressed in the traditional Bavarian outfit and everyone was going to the same direction. We needed no maps, we followed people.

So shall we start with the food?
The types of food you might get at the October Fest:
- Weißwurst > Literally translated as white sausage
- Schweinebraten > Sliced roast pork shoulder (sometimes butt) with gravy
- Schweinshaxe > Grilled pork joint
- Rollbraten > Rolled pigs' belly
- Schnitzel
Sounds rather meaty, eh? Besides that, you can also get lighter food, like 1/2 meter Bratwurst, Halb Hähnchen (a 1/2 chicken roast), Leberkäse, or pork chop with sauteed onion in bun. Madness. If you feel like snacking, there's the lovely roasted almond in some sort of sweet mixture of sugar and cinnamon. 
We love the rides, especially the five loops roller coaster.
The chance of getting in to the tents was paper thin. Even to get in to some tents, you got to reserve days or weeks before. Somehow we managed to squeeze in, we found our way through to the tent and freed ourselves from the the tall Germans' blockage. We ordered our beer and the largest Brezel we've ever seen. No one was basically making any sense by this point. Everyone was on the table, singing, dancing, toasting. Fun. 

One thing I'm really amazed of is how clean the toilet was. No kidding, it was spotless clean. Keep in mind that everyone was pretty much drunk there, but the toilet was super clean! You can witness civilization through a cubicle of toilet I guess. Good on you, Germans.
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