17 October 2011

Chris & Konstanz

This is Chris.
And this is Konstanz. We are pretty much in the very southern part of Germany now. I love Konstanz simply because it's so pretty. The old part of the town is gorgeous, the people are nice. The shops are good, the cafes are pretty. Chris took us around the city then we stopped for a traditional pasta lunch. We sat on the balcony of Chris' favorite restaurant. Again, I can't remember the name of the food, it's too complicated, but I remember the taste, it was good. It's just like a mac and cheese but a thousand times tastier. Or was it just because we've been eating bread for days? Nah, I'm pretty sure it was really good. We walked a bit and we found the Bodensee. After enjoying the sun for a while there, we went back to the city to get ice cream. We were pretty exhausted already by this time because we've been on so many trains and we did so much walking in the last couple of days, so we were slowing down our pace and just enjoying the time.
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