14 October 2011


München this is. So many people here compared to the other cities where we went to before, maybe it's because the October Fest is on. Yet the city is very memorable to Buzzi and I because we stayed for two nights in a tent! And it was super cold. And staying in a tent in München during October Fest is more expensive than staying in a proper hostel in Stuttgart. Crazy. We came there at 11PM and the tent area was really quiet (the beer tent was mad though). At 2 in the morning it was really noisy because all the drunk guys are starting to come back to their tents. Haha.
A conversation from a tent next to us (to be read with American accent)

Man 1 : It's fuckin' cold
Girl 1: Hey I'm worried about Toby
Man 2 : He'll be fineee
Girl 1: Yeah but how's he gonna find his way back?
Man 1 : He's fine, maybe he hooked up with some German girls
Man 2 : Oh yeah
Girl 2: Yeah, I'm a bit worried about him too
Girl 1: I know, me too
Man 1 : Geez, it's fuckin' cold in here
Man 2 : Oh yeaaah

*Fifteen minutes later

Girl 2: Hey guys, I'm really worried now
Man 2 : Naaah, don't worry
Girl 2: Okay

*They all went to bed and we didn't know what happened to Toby after that night
During the day, we went to Viktualien Markt to get a Bavarian lunch. I got myself a Leberkäse (which to me is a posh Spam, but it's really good) and Buzzi got a Weißwurst with sauerkraut and a brezel. We went around the city and found this really nice shop called Manufactum, the best shop in the whole universe. The website is not that nice, but the shop, need not to say more. I got a golden bell for my bike there. Sweet.
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