22 May 2016

Brutality at Hotel Hotel

Driving to Canberra from Melbourne at 3AM in the morning and I got a feeling that we're going to love our accommodation. Truly were. We dozed off until midnight and missed our dinner. End up having bar food at the Monster, which perhaps was one of the best bar foods ever existed. 

More about the hotel now. I always thought when I saw their pictures on the website that they were all renders, until I took photos of the room myself. The details on the wall, softness of the linen and reflection of the lighting are all real. There are just so many little details going on in the room itself that made people wandered around in the room to pay attention to what details are in the surface they touched. Warm, welcoming, complex, easy. 

Bathroom was exquisite. Aesop amenities, brass bordered mirror. 

The entrance into the hotel was more like a view towards outer space. It is surreal but still humane when you pay attention to the timber blocks which seem to be all unique.

Little library corner. Great reads like AA Association books and other great collection.

Limitation does exceed our capability. Look at this one material concierge desk. 

Monster Kitchen and Bar.

Hotel Hotel managed to uplift the boring repetition that we found most commonly at hotels and other accommodation models. Without losing the efficiency and impact of repetition, the interior was made so each corner still have their own persona. There are a lot of details going on, still aligning with the big picture of the hotel yet sometimes a bit naughty and daring to go off the core. Feels like you're talking to an old weathered man, full of experience, character and subtle excitement. Handsome.

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