08 March 2016

New Favourites

Unfortunately, no, I haven't been inspired much lately. Not to blame anything, anywhere or anyhow, it just seems to be one of those days when you feel like mundaneness is filling up the air around you. Last weekend though, the family went to an under-planned trip to Launceston, Tasmania. 

It has become one of my favourite cities since last weekend.

The town, I must say, moved me quite a lot. It's such a small town, with wide extensions towards the wineries in Tamar Valley and through the mountains of Cataract Gorge. The city centre itself dwells in the heart of the town with family-run shops are still flourishing throughout the shopping strip. 

We did spend a lot of our times in Launceston, eating. Which was the best itinerary ever to do in Launceston. Let me tell you, the beef, the wine, the fruits and veggies and the dairies are to die for. They are as good as a commodity can get. We had dinner at Black Cow, the rather humble fine restaurant in the city centre, seating about 20 tables at max. They served beef from across Tasmania, representing each areas with the appropriate cut and the most appropriate way of cooking it. Steaks were seared really well and served with the finest potato gratin on the side. 

A big sister of Black Cow, Stillwater is no less impressive. Situated at an old mill, the cafe serves the most honest food. I must say, it is comparably unpretentious compared to the heavily branded cafes flourishing in Melbourne. Over-branding makes things dull and it overcomes the true meaning of what you are serving. At Stillwater, families are having a casual breakfast, seats are mix and matched, no fancy menus, just what it is. 

Second floor hosts Providore, where Tassie's best produces are compiled. A really good shop for all things Tassie, if not Launceston.

Came with no expectation, came home with a lot of beautiful photos and imageries floating in my head.

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