17 January 2015

Rumah Jatibening by Danny Wicaksono

Rumah Jatibening by Danny Wicaksono possesses this humility, care in process and consideration towards its owner. The 300 sqm land fits a family of three, accommodating the child's play as well as providing airy and well-lit interior. Built by everyday 'tukang' under supervision of the architect.

As Danny explained the details of this house, a sense of rationality and carefulness were felt throughout every corners of the house. This made me rethink my design process. 

2mm tali air detail.

One of the details that I enjoyed the most out of the house is how barely plain the finishings are. The feeling conveyed was a sense of closure to nature, to the outdoor, without trying to pretentiously block the inside from the outside.
Tiles were laid out in the centre of the rooms, leaving the weird sides and corners. Therefore an exact amount of needed tiles could be counted and no waste was produced.

The ceilings were carefully constructed on site with detailed drawings of the architect in creating the lay out. Timber grains were subtly visible, following the panels which were used as the mould. I couldn't stop looking at the ceiling, reimagining how it was carefully laid out, making everything seems to be making sense. The neatness of this ceiling requires no further finishing, leaving the homework to the process of making it for there is small room for error.
Each section of the ceiling was carefully laid out in details to make sure the men followed exactly what the architect wanted. 

Slit of light. 

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